Forgive to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone. Forgiving will overcome the grudges that you hold against someone. When you forgive you become the bigger person. We know that forgiving can be tough to do but we need to realize that when you don’t forgive the grudges that you’re holding onto will destroy you.
  You can say you forgive and don’t really mean it with your heart. Everytime you see that person you give them an attitude. You still have hatred in your heart.  To forgive is to set a prisoner free and to realize the prisoner is you. Don’t hold onto the grudges of yesterday but look to the hope of tomorrow. Forgiving can be impossible for someone to do but look at the word impossible. Turn that word into “I’m possible to forgive those who have me.”
  Forgiving takes time. Dont say it right away until you are sure that you are ready to forgive. Dont say it just to say it. Jesus forgave us for what we did. So why cant you forgive your debtors for what they did to you?? Once you forgive that heavy burden which you are carrying will be gone. You will be relieved once you forgive with all your heart. You will be able to reach the unreachable. You will see what mercy sees. Forgiveness!! We all have been hurt at some point in our lives and the pain that is left behind is not a good feeling. It’s like when someone hurts you; your heart has been ripped out from your chest and you don’t know how to hold on.
All you have to do is lift your head up high, stand up straight, and when your ready to forgive then go ahead and forgive. Don’t wait until that person is gone because you will miss your chance to forgive them. Don’t hesitate or be nervous. Take a deep breath and just say what you have to say. I FORGIVE YOU.


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