Putting God First

God should be first in your life. Many of us don’t pray when we wake up in the morning. Why? Who knows. Others give excuses like:

“I don’t have time.”
        “I’m busy.”

Let me ask you this. Who gave you life? Who gave you the opportunity to get you into that school that you want? Who gave you that job? Who gave you everything that you have or will get in the future? Who broke down strongholds and destroyed your enemies? There’s only one answer to these questions.
God needs to be first in your life. He didn’t forget to wake you up every morning. People think that miracles happen everyday. Of course they do when you put God first. When you spend time with God before you do anything else, that’s putting Him first. Praying and reading the Bible is putting Him first. Even when you are in a situation you need to go to Him first. He will tell you what to do. All you have to do is put God first. Without Him we wouldn’t have everything we have today.
Our blessings comes from God and it definitely does not come from luck. God needs to be first in your life just like Hes ahead of the household. When you dont put God first you will be in situations where you thought you would not be in. 
      For those of you who saw the movie War Room knows what I am talking about. Even though the family attended church occasionally they didn’t put God first because they were always busy. Then that’s when they started to argue all the time with each other but then when the wife started putting God first in her life so did the husband and their daughter. God first, then family, and then everything else. That’s the way it should be not the other way around. When you start something new or whatever you do PUT GOD FIRST. He made you. He gives you blessings on top of blessings but yet we act like God don’t deserve a place in our lives. If that’s the case He can decide if you deserve a spot in heaven. So what’s your decision? Are you going to PUT GOD FIRST before everything? Or are you going to wait till everything falls apart and then put Him first? God needs to first and He will be first before anything else. God first, family second, and then everything else.


6 thoughts on “Putting God First

  1. valenziestgermain@yhaoo.com October 2, 2015 / 11:04 pm

    Preach it shawty do yo thang speaking the truth

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