Guide: logos

Gods word is our guide for our lives.
             Psalms 119:105
“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

We cannot live without Gods word. His Word is what we thirst for and nourishes us. Our solutions to our problems are in His Book. It’s our daily bread. The Bible teaches us which way to go, which is right, what to do, and how to think. Some of us cannot spend one second reading His Word because it’s too long or boring. Gods Word is our foundation, our stepping stool.
    Without the Bible we cannot see the path that is ahead of us. Imagine this: the Bible is the lighthouse and we are the boats that are in the ocean, trying to find our way through the dark. If there’s no light we cannot go anywhere.
      John 1:1
“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”
This shows us that the Bible was here since the beginning. We like to wait until something happens then we go read it only for our struggles and open it once in a while. We need to meditate on His Word day and night, night and day, all day everyday. Daily. We need to keep it close to our hearts. There will be a day when we cannot have Bibles.
     So how will you be able to live according to His will? How can we convert others to Christ if we dont know the Bible? We have time to read the posts on social media but no time to read the Bible. Like seriously? If you can spend an hour on social media then you can spend an hour reading the Bible.



Surrender yourself to God and He will give you life. Surrender to him. He can help you through your struggles. He can take the shackles off. He can break every chain, every burden he can lift off your shoulders so that you may not have to go through that pain again. Surrender yourself to God. You will feel relieved because He is with you. He sees your tears. He can fight your fears.

  Surrender to Him now because He is calling you. He wants to live in your heart. Most of us are afraid to surrender to Him because we are ashamed of what we have done in our lives. God does not care about what you did or what you have become. He just want you and only you. Why resist your creator? That was the past. He already knows what you did. So what? COME AS YOU ARE!! If you’re an ex-con or ex this or ex that, stripper, etc…. Whatever it is that you were and no longer want to go through that again. SURRENDER!!  He knows, he sees and he cares about you. So give yourself away to God by letting him enter your heart. Give him all of you. He doesnt want part time of you but He wants full time. COME AS YOU ARE LAY DOWN YOUR BURDEN LAY DOWN YOUR SHAME ALL THOSE WHO ARE BROKEN LIFT UP YOUR FACE. OH WANDERS COME HOME!!

Stay Strong

Stay strong and hold on. Do not give up on your goal. Many of give up on what we want to accomplish in our lives. Why? We let our negative thoughts interfere with our goals instead of thinking positive we think negative. We need to stay strong and hold on to what we want to accomplish…. If you want to become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or whatever is it keep on trying and going. 
  In September I took my Act a couple of weeks later I got my score. I was sitting in my math class when I saw my score. I started to get teary eyed because I thought that this was the finale. I was wrong. I held my tears back until I got home. I went in my room and started to cry. My best friend told me:

    “Not to cry. Dont give up. Keep your faith strong and courage.”

   Even though I was two points away from passing I still cried. I didnt know what to do afterwards. I felt like… Well….I cant  explain how I felt that day. All I can say is that I didnt want to worry about not getting the reading requirement anymore but i still have focus on getting that requirement in order to graduate.
  To be honest I wanted to give up right then and there but thanks to my best friends who encourage me to keep on trying and keep my faith strong. I am blessed to have friends that keep encouraging me to hold on. I want to make my family proud. No matter how hard you try no matter what it takes for you to accomplish your goal keep on going. Dont give on God because He wont give up on you. Your and my season is coming if you just hold on. Your going to make it. It only last for a while. Dont give up. Keep on going and hold on. I will keep on trying no matter what it takes and no matter what obstacles come my way. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY WHEN THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY HE WORKS IN WAYS WE CANNOT SEE HE WILL MAKE A WAY FOR YOU AND ME. HE IS OUR GUIDE.



The state of being a friend. Friends are like flowers in lifes garden. There are some good ones and some bad ones but sometimes we forget what a friend is. A friend is a friend that will be there until the end. A friend is someone who you can count on and trust. A friend is a friend who has your back no matter what. They will be there forever.
   A friend does not go behind each other backs and start drama. We all have seasonal friends. They’re the ones who you hear from once in a while. We have friends that ask you for favors but then when you ask them for a favor they do not return the favor. Like seriously if you always doing someone a favor and they always give you excuses and excuses… Then there must be a problem.
  Also, if you don’t know anything about someone….. But you call them a friend…… Are they really your friend? You have to get to know someone before you and that person can have a friendship. Even if you knew someone for a longtime can become a enemy and during a situation we choose our friends over our family because we trust them so much that when they walk out of our lives we try to bring them back. Why? They are gone for a reason and we just don’t know why. They will not always be there for you. I’m telling you this now. Other people can see who will still be there for you when everything is falling apart.
  I am not saying that I am a perfect friend but I know how to treat my friends yeah i know that I am mean to my friends sometimes  but I  still have respect for them. If I know something about my friend I don’t put their business out even if they didn’t tell me to keep it a secret. I will still respect them because it’s our friendship. What goes on in our friendship stays in our friendship. No matter what.


God is the Potter and we are the clay. He molds us and shape us each and every way.

He takes His time to make us right
So that we may shine His light throughout our lives

He is the vase that keeps us together
Until thee end forever
We are the flowers
That needs healing and power
To stand strong
While He fix our wrongs.

He is the Gardner.
We are the seeds
Each of us has a need
In the palm of His hands
Is where we stand

One by one He picks
To Him we stick
Planting us where we belong
While we sing his songs