The state of being a friend. Friends are like flowers in lifes garden. There are some good ones and some bad ones but sometimes we forget what a friend is. A friend is a friend that will be there until the end. A friend is someone who you can count on and trust. A friend is a friend who has your back no matter what. They will be there forever.
   A friend does not go behind each other backs and start drama. We all have seasonal friends. They’re the ones who you hear from once in a while. We have friends that ask you for favors but then when you ask them for a favor they do not return the favor. Like seriously if you always doing someone a favor and they always give you excuses and excuses… Then there must be a problem.
  Also, if you don’t know anything about someone….. But you call them a friend…… Are they really your friend? You have to get to know someone before you and that person can have a friendship. Even if you knew someone for a longtime can become a enemy and during a situation we choose our friends over our family because we trust them so much that when they walk out of our lives we try to bring them back. Why? They are gone for a reason and we just don’t know why. They will not always be there for you. I’m telling you this now. Other people can see who will still be there for you when everything is falling apart.
  I am not saying that I am a perfect friend but I know how to treat my friends yeah i know that I am mean to my friends sometimes  but I  still have respect for them. If I know something about my friend I don’t put their business out even if they didn’t tell me to keep it a secret. I will still respect them because it’s our friendship. What goes on in our friendship stays in our friendship. No matter what.


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