The way

Most people think that there are many ways to get to heaven. You’re wrong, there’s only one way and that’s through  Christ.  In John 14 verse 6 it says:          
          “Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life. No one can go to the Father except through me.”
You see only Jesus can save you but first you have to confess your sins and be born again. Born again does not mean to go back into your mothers womb. Born again means to be born of the Spirit accepting Jesus Christ. In (John 3:1- 10 ) Jesus explains to Nicodemus ,one of the Pharisees and a Jewish leader, how one must be born again or else he cannot enter God’s kingdom (John 3 verse 3). Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead… (Romans 10:9- 10). People think that just by going to church will get them a spot in heaven. Getting into heaven takes more than just going to church you have to accept Jesus into your heart then go out and teach others about him so that they may enter  God’s kingdom as well and once you accept him into your heart. He forgives all your sins that you have committed in the past and the future days to come. I don’t see how people can spend 2 hours on social media cannot spend 2 hours reading God’s Word. To be honest I try my best to read the Bible whenever I’m alone or don’t have anything to do I read the word of God. I know it may be long but still the Bible has interesting stories and it will give you wisdom. The Bible is like a Survival Guide for our lives  it teaches us how to live life and to do what is right and how to treat others. the Bible is our solution to our problems whenever you have a problem go to God read his word. He is the way that will lead us, he is the light that shines in our lives and the truth that will set us free. My question is to you all whoever is reading this: will you accept him? I know that you are afraid but don’t be afraid nobody should have to force you to accept Jesus its your choice it’s your life. If you are tired living in the same life you dont want to live that life anymore and you want to change go to Jesus some of you are the lost prodigal son if you don’t know what I mean read Luke 15 verse 11 through 24… to be continued.


This is My Story

Many of us has a story or a testimony of how God did something so marvelous in our lives.
  Here’s my story: 18 years ago my mother gave birth to two twin girls in the month of February. Debbie and Natalie, I was a pound. We were fraternal twins. I was twin B and she was A. Debbie died. It got to a point where my heart stopped, but by God’s grace my mother prayed over me. I was left in the hospital for two and a half months. When my family took me home I was still on a machine. Once they had to rush me to the hospital because the machine battery died. My mother gave birth to me at 7 months old so I was supposed to be born on April 11th. Sometimes I cry, I cry because I never got to meet my twin but I know that she’s in a good place. Growing up was a struggle for me because people would ask:

why are you so skinny

Looking back on how I came  to be its just amazing because God is real and is sitting on the throne of my life. I don’t see how people can curse God and don’t take him seriously. We all have a testimony if it wasn’t for God I would not be here or the woman of God I am today. My mom had to dress me in baby doll clothes because I could not fit in regular baby clothes they were too big for me. Don’t feel sorry for me but help me praise God because He gave me life. I am created on purpose for a purpose each and every one of us are. Don’t take what God has done for you and for your family for granted. This is why I am thankful for, this is why I praise Him. I could have curse God just like Job in the Bible. He lost everything he had but he still had faith. Even though people are telling him to curse God he didn’t listen, he continued to serve God and I will too. My twin is not here but I am happy because she is with her Heavenly Father. I always imagined her being here with me. But God saw how everything was going to be. He saw what I couldn’t see but I still love God no matter what. This is my story this is my song praising my Savior all of the day long. What’s yours?

Giving Thanks

This month is the month of Thanksgiving. We all have something to give thanks to. If not make a list of good things of what God has done in your life. Whether it’s a new car, newborn baby, your (future) husband or wife, (new) job, and etcetera. What you want to give thanks to doesn’t always need to be just that if you were struggling and God made a way for you give thanks to that. Do a praise break if you have to.
What really gets me the most is when people don’t have anything to give thanks to or so they say they don’t. What about your family and friends? So what of you and your family are not close? Some people complain about having a lot of stuff to give thanks to while others have the littlest things that they are giving thanks to. You see for me I’m giving thanks to (even though thanksgiving is not here yet) God and my family because of the love that they share with me and the joy that they bring to my heart. You know why? When I was  born, I weighed a pound. Yes a pound! I came out seven months early. Sometimes I cry. I cry because God has a purpose for me and He kept me. Even though my twin is gone but still I give thanks to God everyday.
You dont need to give God thanks only on Thanksgiving but you should give God thanks all day everyday until you see His face. Also, give God thanks because He sent His ONE AND ONLY SON to die on the cross for our sins. Now tell me would you do that? Like seriously? GOD IS AMAZING!!! This is what you and I should be giving thanks to. Well not should but NEED to be giving thanks to. Without Him where would we be? So give thanks this thanksgiving and remember:
Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy one
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ His Son
And now let weak say I am strong
Let the poor say I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us