The Perfect Time

God’s timing is perfect but we need to know how to be patient and not rush God. When the time is right he will provide you with your request. God is patient, He will give you what you need. Trust and believe that he will. Many of us say:
    “God if you give me this…. I will do this… Or stop this…”
God is not a dealer, he doesn’t make deals with us. When you ask him for something.. God will come through for you. I needed to pass the FCAT three times I failed and when the fourth time came around God came through.
    He knew I needed to pass this so he let me pass, but I waited patiently and didn’t rush  him. I didn’t worry about it because I knew that God will answer my prayer. If God don’t want to give you something right away there’s a reason why he is letting you wait a little longer.
       We need  to learn how to be patient with God because he’s patient with us he is always waiting for us when we turn away from him and he welcomes with open arms. No matter how many times we turn away from him. He’s always there waiting patiently.

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