Battle is NOT Ours

We always try to fight our own battles. Why? Because we dont trust and believe that God will take care of it. We try to take the matter into our own hands but what happen when we do?
  We get tired, weary, and worn out from all the battles we try to fight. We want to take control of it.
In the story of David people didn’t believe that a little Shepard boy can defeat the Goliath. David placed the battle into Gods hands and with one rock and a sling shot David defeated Goliath. That’s amazing!!!
  The victory is in Gods hands. All we need to do is stand still.
(rather let go of the battle in Gods hands.)
    The battle does not belong to us. So why are still trying to fight it ourselves? This is why we losing we dont let God do what He wants to do. We think if we do by ourselves we would have the victory. You don’t need to be discouraged for God is with you. When you give the battle to God you will have the VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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