Life is a Journey

Life is a journey that we all go through. There are mountains that we have to climb just to get where we need to be. Our journey starts when we are born, we all have to learn things. Things like: walking talking how to respect how to love God and many more. As we grow our journey gets harder because we don’t know the path we are going to take or  the direction our life is heading into. Hardship  and difficulty comes in many ways in our lives.
    We have obstacles to face. Sometimes the road that we take may not be the right Road. Just imagine you driving on a road that keeps going Non-Stop and you just see trees and nothing else. The weather outside is rain hail  snow hot  and cold. Each weather change represent the hardship that we face in life the sun come out and you can see everything. The path is clear the birds are chirping in the sky flowers blooming and everything is beautiful life is a journey that should not be faced alone but yet some of us decides to face it alone people come and go but one friend will always be there. God. Our life is not perfect but it can become a testimony. Your journey is not over yet even though it’s long and tiring. Don’t give up yet you will get to where you need to be just hold on a little longer.
     Life is a journey that we always don’t get what we want we cannot have it our way. When you watch those fairy tale movies like Cinderella and the other princesses. You see how some things are given to them… They live in a nice big house or whatever you want to call it but there is that one thing that’s trying to destroy them. They still find a way to get through what they’re going through. Each of the movies that you watch have a good or a difficult journey that they go through and that they face but they still overcome it. I am not saying our life is like a fairy tale we don’t marry our “prince charming” right on the spot or our princess no we have to go through an obstacle course to get what we want.
  Our jouney is not easy but we still get through it with faith, courage, hope, and especially most importantly GOD.


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