Mother’s Day

To all the moms on Mother’s Day:

Happy Mother’s Day to you… words cannot explain the way you care for us (your sons and daughters). For nine months you carry us in your womb while the dads are away at work. Mother’s are strong!! Even when they are sick they take care of everything.

Mother’s will and always be there for us no matter what we go through but some of us take our Mother’s for granted. One day they will regret for taking their Mother for granted… mother’s  are warriors. No matter how hard life gets for them they try their best to provide  for the family. Mother’s cook, clean, and work all day. They get so tired and worn out that sometimes they don,t have time for themselves.

Mothers, you have heart that never stops beating. A love that never fails. A faith in each of your child or children that keeps going. A hope in your family. You are a role model that your daughter(s) look up to you. You are the Proverbs 31 virtuous women that your son(s) pray for. You raise us up to live right. You know whats best for your family. A mothers love is beyond greater than any other. You stand by your husband side  no matter what they situation is.

Mothers never stop being a mother. They never give up on their family because they have God on their side. You care for us and we (your children) thank you for that. To every new, single, already mothers enjoy your day. We love you from the bottom of ours hearts. Thank you!!!

Yours truly,


Your Children







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