God still Loves Us

Have you ever thought of all the sins you’ve done in the past and the present? Have you ever thought of how each time we sinned how does it make God feel. The amazing  thing is God loves us anyway. Even though we sin every single day of our lives. Gods love is unconditional love. We are like Judas who betrayed Jesus but we sin.

Recently I did a solo piece to the song You Love Me Anyways by Sidewalk Prophets and while I was dancing I began to cry. I cried because I thought of all the sins I did and how far God brought me.  Many of you know my story. Many of you have the similar story as well. At one point of the dance I wanted to stop dancing and just cry but I didn’t I kept going because God loves me anyway. His love is like nothing else in life that you will know.

No words can explain Gods love  for us. Sometimes we give up on God and say we hate him, we blame Him for every bad situation in our lives. Even though we do and say things guess what…. GOD STILL LOVES US no matter what we do with our lives no matter how we choose to live it. But there’s two thing God wants us to do.

1) accept him

2) do his work

We doubt God but that doesn’t stop the love he has for us. We are like the scars on his body, the nails in his wrist, the thorns in his crown. No love is greater than Gods love his love surpasses all. That’s the highest love that you will ever get. If you want more love look to God. God loves us all that he gave his one and only Son.. (John 3:16). Who in the whole entire world  would give up their only son? To tell you the truth I wouldn’t. No way that would not be on my list. But  God did that for us while we are still sinners.

We don’t have to seek Gods love.. no need for searching like we are some kind of investigator or a FBI. Noooooo. His love is already there for us. We can’t feel it or see it but you know it’s there. How do you know God loves you? Think of the situations that you’ve been in… what happened? God doesn’t let his children  stumble or fall… well sometimes but that’s because he saw what the future has in store for you. Most situations God deliver us from our problems because he loves us… no matter what he loves you, me , and everyone. No matter how many times you sin in a second, minute, hour, day, and etc… HE LOVES US ANYWAY!!!!


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