Never Takes a Break

Even though it’s summer we all need to remember to spend time with God. God never takes a vacation on us. So why do we do it to him? God is continuously working all together for our good. He never stops blessing us he never stop helping he never stops loving us.

   God is like the energize bunny(battery) he keeps going and going and going. No matter how many times we die out. He fulfills every need and want. God doesn’t take a break on a situation. Why? We are his children. Gods job is to deliver, provide, protect, heal, and love us. His work is different from ours. He doesn’t have a job where he can go on a lunch break. He doesn’t say, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.” No God is hardworking. 

   God is constantly working so that we can have a better life on this earth. As I am writing this right now He is working. God is omnipresent. He sees and knows what’s going on. If God takes a break like we do every year…. Our lives would be a disaster just imagine it…. God just on a vacation while we are struggling. That would not be pretty but you know what God is not like that. He works in ways we cannot see. He is working nonstop for us be cause he cares. 

  Yet while we still turn away from him, he still is working on us to come back home. God is our Father who doesn’t take a break like we do. God is constantly working to make us better. Our lives, this world, and everything in between God is working. No breaks absolutely none.


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