A Change of Hope

 To Haiti we see your pain.

      There will come a day where we take a stand as one. United together, making a change for each day that we see. Change starts with us. God is relying on us to do something. If not now then when? If not us then who? Each of us has a purpose in life to be the change, a change where we can make Haiti better. It’s time for us to stop feeling comfortable in our houses, homes, cars, and get out of our comfort zone and help make a change of hope. 

   No one can stop us from making a change in the world. We see how the earthquake left Haiti just horrifying. What about us? We see those images on the internet, we lost loved ones, homes destroyed, children left abandoned without parents. What can we do to stop all this madness? Nothing. We cannot stop all these storms but we can make a change. It starts with you. It starts with me. 

  A change of hope, it’s not that hard to do. We get mad when the media says something inappropriate about Haiti but what are we doing to make a change. We all are not rich, but what about the spare change that is just laying around in the bottom of purses, or in our cars. Money is money whether it’s a penny or a dime. It still can be useful in people lives. 

  Change doesn’t start with God. We are waiting on Him to do something but really it’s him waiting on us to do something. God already did something…. He created you!!! He’s waiting for us to stand up to say “I’m going to do something!!”  

 Be the something that God wants you to be. Be the hope. Be The Who. Be the change. 


Power of Prayer

         Prayer is essential to life, a heartfelt conversation between you and God. Whenever we need something or feel weak inside turn it over to God through prayer. Our prayers can break chains, bring a family together, heal the sick ,and etc….  prayer shouldn’t be like a long essay.. even our sighs God understands what we need or want. 

           1 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Never stop praying.” 

Our prayers can be heard even when we write them down. They won’t be answered right away but good things comes to those who wait upon the Lord. God works in mysterious ways that we may not understand but it’s amazing how prayer works. Imagine you wanting a job and you apply for a job then you pray spend time with God, like thirty minutes later the same place you applied for calls you in for an interview. I can testify to that!!  

Prayer is what everyone needs, this can bring you closer to God. No matter what situation you are in pray. Pray for strength, hope, courage, love, and knowledge. When you pray be specific with God but don’t go into a lot of details. 
Matthew 6:7 says,” When you pray do not be like babbling pagans, for they think they will be heard for their many words.” 

Prayer is powerful. Prayer provides healing, protection ,love, joy, victory, and deliverance.  God is already working on what you asked for in return he needs patience from you. Prayer is not boring. It shouldn’t be used whenever you need something. You pray throughout your day. Prayer is what we need everyday.  Prayer restores every heart that has been broken. Don’t joke when you pray. Pray for each other, don’t say you going to pray for someone then you don’t. Never stop praying no matter what.