Royalty means people of a royal blood. It’s true that you are royalty. Like Bizzle says in his new album Crowns and Crosses, “You’re an offspring of a King.” 

You don’t need attention God already notices you so why dress in a way that is inappropriate? Why dress a certain way you know guys will call you names? You are a daughter of the Most High. I remember doing a devotion called Priceless: Respect and Honor by For King and Country there is a quote that caught might eye:

                “For a woman to be treated as a princess of the High King, she must see herself as one with her appearance, behavior, and demand of any guy who would pursue her.”

You must accept the way God created you. You are who God says you are. Protect your heart(same thing goes for guys as well). You are worth the wait. Love can neither be bought nor sold. If someone can’t do that then let them keep stepping. What’s your worth? You are priceless. You dont have a price tag on you so why look like an antique? 

   If you say you a child of God then show it. If you are the daughter of the Most High then be it. You don’t have to be approve by a guy because God already has approved of you including your future husband even though you haven’t met him yet but he will accept you for who you are. Just like Jacob waited fourteen years for Rachel. Fourteen years!!!! Who else would wait that long? 

Instead of settling for low lifes settle for God. 
      “Are you looking for love or are you looking for approval? What’s your worth? Love can neither be bought or sold. Know that your worth the work, know that you’re worth the wait. If he can’t step up then let him keep stepping. Don’t sell your self worth because whatever a man buys, he owns. Protect your heart. You’re royalty!!”

                                                     -Tony Gaskins


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