Detours part 2

Our life plan does not always go according to what we plan in life. You may think that they way you plan your life will go accordingly to the way what you plan but it’s not your plan. Some people say the want to get married by the age of twenty-five and have kids and other stuff but what you plan is not Gods plan. I understand that twenty-five is the average age for someone to get married but eventually God will take you on a detour.

Life is a detour. Detours are like a test not a test that you will take in school but in Biblical terms it means an adverse circumstance either created or allowed by God in order to develop us in preparation for purpose for us. When we read the story of Joseph; he had dreams so he knew what was coming but did not understand clearly. His brothers sold him to slavery. Moving forward in the story… Pharaoh’s wife lied to her husband saying that Joseph slept with her so he was thrown in jail. (Genesis 39)

This was Joseph’s detour before he became second in command of Egypt. God was working on Joseph this was his test from God. Sometimes we do not understand why God takes us through situations that we do not want to be in. In order for God to give you that; you must go through this. You can’t get this without experiencing that.

Detours can allow some negativity to interfere. We can get mad at God but detours are to made to draw us closer to God. Notice how when people break down and cry we run to God for help. God does not want us worry about our destiny but instead he wants us to learn and experience.

 “God cares more about the development of the dreamer; than the realization of the dream.”   

Dr. Tony Evans

 Your relationship with God is more important than making it to your destiny. Your job is to be prepared when God takes you out of your detour. God does not want you to be worried about arriving to your destiny. If you not prepared then God will keep you in your detour. He wants us to develop from it.  Detours takes you on a road that you do not expect to be on.

    Let God guide you on your detour. If your destiny is about you; you are not ready to arrive.



Detours are designed by God to get us on the right path. No matter how many detours we go through in life, God has a big destination but first we need to take a long road trip. 

                Dr. Tony Evans says, “God is constructing us for something to he’s constructing something for us.”

     Before we can make it to our destination we must first a long road trip. Detours happen because God knew and saw what that road will be like so he uses detours to make us re- evaluate our lives. God is making us suffer for something he has better for us. Our destination as planned by God, detours are unpredictable and we don’t know where it will take us. As my sister Judy said this morning in service, 2017 is the year of grace all we need to do is trust and obey

                 1) Trust that God will take us to our destination. 

                         2) Obey every command of God. 

    You will not be alone on your road trip God will be there with you but sometimes God will keep you on that detour because you are not prepared to receive what God has in store for you. Just like God was there for Joseph and Daniel; he will be there for you be prepared when God takes you out of your detour. 

    When you miss a turn while driving on the road what do you do? You make a U-turn. Imagine that’s your path well God  notice that you are going the wrong way or maybe he see something you cannot see. Have you ever notice when the construction team put that big orange detour sign out front? Imagine that being a barricade in your life…… and  God’s angels is telling you to go this way or that way.

     You cannot go through that barricade because that road contains something that will try to destroy you. Detours are there for a reason God wants us to realize that no matter how many times he takes us on a detour he wants us to be ready for a big destination. You may think that you’re ready for your destination but God knows that you’re not. 

  Until you prepare for the rain or plant seed you’re not to move until God tells you to move.