Destiny is the customized life calling for which God has equipped and ordained us, in order to bring Him the greatest glory and the maximum expansion of His kingdom (Biblical definition). Everyone wants to get to where we want to be in life but you can’t do that without experiencing our detour.
Dr. Tony Evans explains in his book Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny the sixteen different kinds of detours: pattern, proof, promotion, pain, presence, plan, pardon, pleasure, purifying, purpose, path, patience, peace, perspective, and perfection. Each of these plays an important part of your destiny. God wants you to learn, experience, and let go of your plans. God does not want you to worry about getting to your destiny instead He wants you to learn from it.
Once you know or discover your destiny, you will not be the same as you were before. I am on the same path as most of you are on. Experiencing my destiny but while you are waiting to arrive at your destination, be grateful for where you are now in life because how will you know how to be grateful when you arrive at your final destination if all you want to do (where you are now) is complain and whine. Complaining and whining shows that you are not ready to let God move you further. God wants us to be patient. He is like an iron and we are like the wrinkled clothes. When you are ironing a shirt, skirt, dress, or pants you want it to be nice and smooth. Imagine, God is the ironing us to smooth out our flaws.       He wants us to be nice and smooth so that you can glorify Him.
In order reach your destiny God should be your number one priority without God you cannot make it to where He wants to take you. Your relationship with God is more important than trying to arrive at your destiny. Focus on your relationship with God and He will take care of the rest.


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