Look to the Horizon

When you are surrounded by darkness, you are willing to give up. Sometimes you feel like you cannot make it through the darkness, no where to go, stuck in a trap. You just want to throw in the towel. That’s what shadows will do to you bring you down. Many times I felt like giving up on everything but you know Greater is He who is living in me than he who is in the world. When life delivers punches, learn and live that everything you go through is making you stronger.

Not only that but when your head is down, you will miss every opportunity that is knocking at your door. Notice how when you walk with your head down you wont see what’s in front of you or around you because you are afraid to let go. Leave it to the Potter to mold and shape you. Let the Creator create what He has in store. Don’t be afraid to relieve what you feel. You are a warrior that has many scars but scars heal. Be fearful of faith then you see Gods mercy breaking through the darkness of night.

You’ve been through highs and lows, bribes and goals, but keep your eyes  on the picture He is painting.  Don’t be afraid to believe and accept what God is doing because once you accept that, your shadows will be no more.

Just like the Israelites when they were at the Red Sea, they began to let fear take over. They didn’t know that Moses was going to part the waters with a staff. They escaped from Eygpt even though they were doubting God but He still lifted their heads. Never let the shadows bring you down. Keep looking to the horizon.


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