Accepting Yourself

Have you ever glanced at yourself in the mirror? Of course you have but the real question is why is accepting yourself very important? Think about this question for a few moment, later on I’ll tell you why.

Accepting yourself is seeing the way God sees you and not how society wants you to be. Nowadays, you mainly see people, men and women, changing the way they look in order to fit in. You shouldn’t have to do that. It’s either they accept you for the way you look or don’t accept you at all…. if that’s the case then someone accept you one day but if no one does then God does because for He created your inmost being.

Accepting yourself is not about changing the way you look. It’s about loving you just the way you are. Let’s stop for a moment and think of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.. He was put in attic, well first abandon as a child, then put in a attic because he was so hideous. People couldn’t bare to see his face until a gypsy came along and whispered in his ear.. I can’t really think of what happened in that movie but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

He didn’t changed the way he look because of what the people thought of him. People started to accept him because of his heart. You know, people don’t fully understand the fact that the physical appearance is not what makes a person beautiful the heart does and their personality. That’s how we accept someone… well, the physical appearance is just part of it as well but looking at what heart someone has is important. I mean like you can look handsome as Channing Tantum or  Morris Chestnut and still have a bad heart.. you can be not attractive and have a good heart.

We had this struggle of accepting ourselves while growing up. It builds self-esteem… we want to look like Barbie and Ken, but will you still be able to accept yourself that way?? Anyways, back to the question, why is accepting yourself important? Accepting yourself is important because people will take advantage of that. Say for example, no one has ever told you that you’re pretty or handsome, then a guy or girl comes walking into your life and started saying those things to you and they have you right where they want you, next thing you know they are not there anymore. Now who will tell you that you’re beautiful or handsome?

It all starts with you, accepting how the way you look now. Honestly I struggled with the way I looked, trust me when I say this. I had low self-esteem because I am skinny and I’m underweight for my height, but now I don’t care about that anymore. You know why? I’m learning to accept the way I look and I like the way I look. Now, when guys tell me I’m pretty  and attractive I simply just say, ” I know.. Thank you.” Sometimes I lift my hands in the air and thank God for allowing me to accept who I am today. To tell you the truth, accept yourself first and let God take care of the rest.


3 thoughts on “Accepting Yourself

  1. Ashok Misra May 2, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    Thanks so much taliealexis, for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow it! I’m honoured! I too visited your blog and found its posts pretty interesting. I’m sure we’ll be sharing our common interests more in times to come! Good luck!


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