Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is a surgery that removes a diseased heart with a healthy one. Think about the definition for a moment…. God is your doctor, the surgeon, and etc. God wants to gives us a heart transplant for our own good (not a physical heart transplant but a spiritually).

God wants us to give us a heart that will long for him, we sin everyday and everyday we are filled with flaws. We are not perfect and God knows that but He wants to turn our hearts from ugly to beautiful. God looks at us like we our flowers in a garden surrounded by weeds.( The weeds represents sin in this world)

Our disease is temptation, sin, and anything that is of this world. We fill our hearts with so much diseases that God presses restart. He wants that disease heart so that He can turn our hearts into something beautiful but we need to pray and surrender to God. Only He can give us the loving and tender care that we are looking for.

Gods heart transplant does not require us to be in deep sleep. He is working on us while we go about our day but He wants us to spend time with him the more we pray as we should people will see the new heart that God has given us. The Surgeon (God) wants us to be close to him. He want us to remember that He still loves us. Sometimes we do not know what to say but every sigh, cry, or whatever it is God knows what we need.

So let God change your heart from stone to marsh-mellow. He does not want to press restart anymore. Let God give you a heart transplant He knows what is best for you and for me.


Know Your Worth

Know your worth. Understand that you are more than what people say to you. Just because you are not qualified for him or her does not mean to go throw your life away. If they cannot see that you are worth it then know that your worth it in Gods eyes. People often take advantage of a good woman or a good guy. Why?

Knowing your worth I think that ties into loving yourself and finding out who you are in Christ. We fail to realize what a good women or guy is like. Some people realize but others just find a way to let that good guy or women go then start to regret that. Do not think your life is over because they failed to realize that you are worth it. When a chapter in your life is close do not go back to rewrite that chapter. God closed it for a reason.

Know that you are priceless.. no one should make you feel like you are not worth it. We our valued in eyes of God. You are worth the wait. Know your self worth…. You cannot let people( whomever you are with) tell you that you are  not worth to be with. If they cannot see that you are worth building a future with then let God handle your situation because He knows that you are worth it to someone.

There is a quote by Trent Shelton that I love,

“Don’t let someone who did you wrong make you think there’s something wrong with you. Don’t  devalue yourself because they didn’t value you. Know yourself worth even if they don’t.”

I mean this quote clearly explains for itself. We cannot let someone who did us wrong make us think that we are not good enough. Everyone is not perfect but we are loved by God. Know your self worth. Eventually, someone will value you.

Is it Too Late?

Things happen everyday. Couples argue, marriages are destroyed, friendships broken, and families divided. This is part of life but is it too late?

It’s never too late to make things right nor to fix situations. We just simply give up easily instead of communicating and work out our problems. We often hold grudges too. Grudges is a burden that we choose to continue to let it sit in our hearts. It’s never too late to admit that we were wrong about something nor be afraid of it.

This is why we cannot stand each other and talk bad about each other. We rather make our lives miserable rather than to work things out. Working things out is a way to happiness to make things right. I am not saying that we have to you know include whomever it is in our everyday lives but restoring the peace that was once there before chaos happen.

We don’t realize  that the more we make things right the less situations there will be. This is a part of life. This is what life brings. Love, Joy, Peace, Patient, and sadness. It’s never too late to try to fix the love that was there or the happiness. We often think oh i am just going to let the other person come up to me first. No!! If we want to make things right it starts with YOU…. not the other person or the others that was involved but YOU!! Whether you like it or not.

If they don’t want to make things right then pray that they come around. Eventually, they will. Trust me i experienced it myself. I wanted to makes things right. So i gave into it. Making things right will make you feel so much better but if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be. We can’t force to make things right but we can wait. No matter how old you are, or how far you are from each other. It’s never too late to make things right. Age doesn’t matter but do you really want to wait? It’s never too late but it requires time.

Something Great

We all want to be great, but how can you be great if you holding onto things that you know you need to let go. Our biggest problem is that we are afraid to let go whatever it is that we’re holding onto. Whether it’s friendship, habit, or simply something that we need to be delivered from. 

  You cannot be great if you keep doing the same old thing. We get so afraid to let go, we lose our faith. We lose trust in God, but we need to understand that God has something greater in store for us. 

A few hours ago, as I was praying for a friend of mine… I asked God to move in that person because I know that my friend has a lot of potential but there are things that needs to be removed in order for God to show what He has in store for my friend( I’m not sure what it is but I know my friend is struggling). Honestly, I do love the way that person is and at the same time I know that God has something greater in store… I pray everyday for my friend because it’s a blessing to see the way a God works.

We often fail to let go of what needs to be let go of. Things that are removed from our lives shouldn’t be brought back up because God has something great. Something that will change your life or open up your eyes or a plan. Who knows what God has in store for us. In order to know what it is we must seek it out and let go. 

Yeah, I know letting go of friends, habits, or something else can be hard but it is what it is. You want something greater but you can’t let go. That’s like procrastination kind of….. we all have been in a position where we know we have to get something done but we hold it off until like a day or two and we keep just saying we going to do it but don’t. Sort of like putting God on hold, like ok ok God I’m going to let go but wait wait I’m not ready. God cares and  all He wants you to do is let go because He has something greater in store for you. That’s all God wants. You can’t take whatever it is with you to next level. Why? Because it will only bring you down.

 God wants to remove things and people from your life that don’t want to see you win. They only you to stay on there level. Let God pave the way for you. He will show what needs to be removed in order for you to receive what he has in store for you.