Know Your Worth

Know your worth. Understand that you are more than what people say to you. Just because you are not qualified for him or her does not mean to go throw your life away. If they cannot see that you are worth it then know that your worth it in Gods eyes. People often take advantage of a good woman or a good guy. Why?

Knowing your worth I think that ties into loving yourself and finding out who you are in Christ. We fail to realize what a good women or guy is like. Some people realize but others just find a way to let that good guy or women go then start to regret that. Do not think your life is over because they failed to realize that you are worth it. When a chapter in your life is close do not go back to rewrite that chapter. God closed it for a reason.

Know that you are priceless.. no one should make you feel like you are not worth it. We our valued in eyes of God. You are worth the wait. Know your self worth…. You cannot let people( whomever you are with) tell you that you are  not worth to be with. If they cannot see that you are worth building a future with then let God handle your situation because He knows that you are worth it to someone.

There is a quote by Trent Shelton that I love,

“Don’t let someone who did you wrong make you think there’s something wrong with you. Don’t  devalue yourself because they didn’t value you. Know yourself worth even if they don’t.”

I mean this quote clearly explains for itself. We cannot let someone who did us wrong make us think that we are not good enough. Everyone is not perfect but we are loved by God. Know your self worth. Eventually, someone will value you.


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