Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is a surgery that removes a diseased heart with a healthy one. Think about the definition for a moment…. God is your doctor, the surgeon, and etc. God wants to gives us a heart transplant for our own good (not a physical heart transplant but a spiritually).

God wants us to give us a heart that will long for him, we sin everyday and everyday we are filled with flaws. We are not perfect and God knows that but He wants to turn our hearts from ugly to beautiful. God looks at us like we our flowers in a garden surrounded by weeds.( The weeds represents sin in this world)

Our disease is temptation, sin, and anything that is of this world. We fill our hearts with so much diseases that God presses restart. He wants that disease heart so that He can turn our hearts into something beautiful but we need to pray and surrender to God. Only He can give us the loving and tender care that we are looking for.

Gods heart transplant does not require us to be in deep sleep. He is working on us while we go about our day but He wants us to spend time with him the more we pray as we should people will see the new heart that God has given us. The Surgeon (God) wants us to be close to him. He want us to remember that He still loves us. Sometimes we do not know what to say but every sigh, cry, or whatever it is God knows what we need.

So let God change your heart from stone to marsh-mellow. He does not want to press restart anymore. Let God give you a heart transplant He knows what is best for you and for me.


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