Your Own Pace

A lot of us are rushing to get our lives together why?  Maybe, we are being rushed by our family and friends. Maybe we feel like we are being left behind or simply because we see everyone around us are getting things done before us but who cares?

You should not have to rush just to get something. Just because your friends are getting married, having babies, finishing school, and becoming CEO of their jobs does not mean you have to rush. When the time is right God will bless you with what you need. You should not have to rush just because people are telling you to get it done. Your season will come just enjoy where you are now.

Life should not be impressing your friends just by rushing to get your life together. Continue to work at your own pace, God will take care of the rest. Some people work faster than others, so why feel like your missing out on life? People should not rush you instead they should pray for you. Do be jealous of what others have but be thankful for you do have as of right now. Be grateful for where you are. Your time will come.


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