The Grace of God

What does Gods grace mean to you?

Gods grace is deeper than the sea. His grace is bigger than all of the oceans, rivers, and sea put together. No one can compare their grace to Gods grace because Gods grace is far more than just blessings. God shows us favor, kindness, love and mercy.

  Grace is greater than sin. You can sin your whole entire life but just remember that grace wins every time. Gods grace reaches far beyond the highest star, goes deeper than the deep blue sea. When you feel like there is no hope left, or you feel like a complete failure Gods grace will restore that hope that was lost.

Whether you are in a situation where you want to throw in the towel or just give up, in the midst of all the chaos Gods grace will help you get through what your dealing with. God shows us favor, kindness, mercy, love, and blessings. I mean Gods grace shows us more than what I just listed but that is how big Gods grace is.

Gods grace is speechless. Think about all the things that you have been through, think about how you got through them, and who brought you out of it. Now do not tell that God did not show you favor or mercy. Gods grace is amazing. Gods grace is love. You see the grace of God everyday, you experience his amazing grace by living to see another, breathing, getting that job or the promotion you always wanted.

God shows his grace even though we still sin every day of our lives. Especially when we do not want to listen to him, he shows his grace upon us. Gods grace is enough. That is all we need. GRACE WINS EVERY TIME!!!!!


He Turned it

Life seems to brings us down in any way that it can. There are times in our lives when we feel like  giving up because we get so frustrated about the problems that we face. We forget that God is a way maker, miracle worker, and our light of the darkness. The hope is to trust God before, during, and after the war.

A friend of mine said something while she was giving her speech on Sunday.

“God can turn a mess into a message.”

Whatever situation that you are going through as of now and yet to come God can it turn it around for you. You may think that you have fought with all your strength and done everything that you can but your strength is found in God alone. The devil may think that he has you but just wait until God steps in. He turned it. God always come through, he may not come right when you need him but he will because God will never forsaken you. Mezerikod Bondye pa janm fini, konpasyon li pa janm fini. Gods mercy will never end, his compassion will never end.

God love for us is unconditional. There is no other love in this world that can beat his love. All it takes is faith in God. Faith can move mountains, faith is not by sight but it’s believing that God will take care of that situation. I always tell my friends to pray that is all you can do. That is the only way that you can fight the good fight. If the situation gets too tough for to stand kneel, the battle can be fought on your knees.

There will be no more worrying, no more pain, sorrow, if you just turn it over to God. When God turns your situation around he is not just turning that but your mourning and sorrows. He will then start blessing you and providing for you.

“Every situation can lead to a revelation.”