In The Eye of the Storm

Hey everyone I know you all are traveling and getting prepared for this storm but I wanted to give you all encouragement. Do not be afraid for God is with you. In the midst of the storm, we need to understand that God is still in control. No matter what happens there is hope in God. Have faith in God… if God is on the throne of your life then why are you panicking for? God is watching over us.

There is no reason for you to be fighting people and just go crazy. Trust and believe. That’s is all you need and of course everything else that you need for this hurricane. You are losing your mind while everyone else is calm. Some people saying it’s nothing that we not going to get hit but God knows and he sees.

Don’t be afraid.. if we all came together as a nation under God and pray for those who are experiencing the worse right now as of this moment and pray for those who have not yet experience the hurricane. It’s not right that we are just chilling while others are getting their homes destroyed when we could of been praying for those who are losing loved ones.

In the eye of the storm be still and know that he is God, who can make all things better. He can take away this storm but he knows why this is happening. We need to keep our faith firm through it all. No matter where you are as of this moment keep praying. I know some of us may lose something but have faith. Never stop praying.


Don’t Be Defined by this World

Should the world define who you are? Why would you let the world define you?

A lot of times people tend to let the world choose what they should do or how should they live their life. You should not let the world define who you are if you don’t know who you are. Why run to the world if you can’t decide how to live? The world doesn’t control your life. Your identity is not found in this world but your identity is found in God.

God knows you better than you know yourself. For he is the creator of this universe. I know some of you may disagree with me on this but take a moment to think about it first.   Let me ask you this…. should the world tell you how to be you? In my opinion, if you let the world define who you are then you won’t know who you are in Christ. The world doesn’t know your identity. If you let the world define who you are then how would you know your identity in Christ?

The world cannot tell you who you are if you don’t even who you are. Sometimes people let the world define who they are because they want to feel like their somebody. They want to feel like that they have a purpose in life. They want the world to make them feel like they are wanted but did you know if you let the world define who you are that it can be taken advantage of? You are who God says you are can no one tell you anything else besides what God says.

Your identity is not found in this world it is found in God and God alone. Don’t let this world make you think less of yourself nor highly of yourself. Just know that you do have a purpose in life, you are wanted by God, you are somebody, and most importantly ask God who you are in Christ. YOU are a child of God, YOU will be successful, YOU will make through the storm!!! DON’T be define by this world; let GOD define who you are.