Cherish the Moments

I know I haven’t been writing as often I should, my apologies.

Do you ever have those little moments with family, friends, or loved ones? Like something that just melted your heart, the unexpected. Moments that leaves you speechless, all you can say “wow” moments. Those moments should be cherished. Including the big moments.

It’s important that you cherish those moments because you never know what will happen the next hour, second, day, week, month or year. Cherishing those littlest moments that you have, will help you smile through the bad times because your remembering all the happy moments. Smile through the worst. Don’t let those bad times break you down like a million pieces. If that’s the case, then get back up again, the biggest problem is when you let the tough times take over. Take over your emotions, thoughts, happiness, and take over your today. Cherish the moments and live for today. Be blessed everyone!!!!!