A family is a beautiful thing to have. Especially when you have twelve siblings. Yes twelve siblings. (Not including me.) Being part of a big family is the greatest gift that God has given me.

Every family has issues but at the same time we need to be there for one another, even if they feel like they do not need each other. God placed each and every person within that family for a reason. Stop wishing you or they was part of a different family. Just because you see a happy family does not mean that they are not going through something. They probably going a difficult time than your own family problem.

No family is perfect. You see for me and my siblings whenever one of us going through something they are always there to help. Yes we laugh and have fun with each other, and enjoy each other company but when one of us does something that makes everyone else shake their head. We get disappointed but then help each other understand the decision that we made.

You make think that you do not need your family because you have your friends well friends can come and go. For me i love my family no matter what i would not trade them or wish them for a different family. Why? That’s the family God placed me in. I know that family can turn their back on you but at the end of the day family is important no matter who started what, or said something or did something. Family is all there is.

Personally, I believe that family knows best. When you have older siblings, they understand because they were once your age. A family should not turn their backs on another family member but sometimes it might be the best thing to do for that member to realize the decision that they have made. It’s best that as a family to pray for every member of the family and each area of their life.

Be a family. Be there for each other. There are people out there who does not even have a family. A family supports, love, trust, respect each other. The house does not make up a family, it’s the people that’s inside of it. Just like the church the building does not make up a church it’s the people that’s inside of it. A family is the best thing, cherish your family and I will cherish mines and my future family. Understand this, you (whoever is reading this) do not know whenever the last time you will see your family. Forgive each other. Stop letting situations tear your family apart. Stop saying you do not have a family. Stop with all of it. Be a family!!!!


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