Do Not Give up on Your Dreams!!!

We all have dreams and dreams do not die. Sometimes it is hard to pursue our dreams but we have to understand each dream, will help us bless someone. I am not talking about the dreams we have when we go to sleep but, the dreams of doing something.

For example, my dream is to write and bless people with my words. It is not easy building up to our dreams because we have so much problems and things going on in our live. Other times, we feel like we cannot go on any longer because we do not have that sense of inspiration or encouragement. We have to surround ourselves with people who will push us to keep going. People who believe in us, and help us to make it.

Most importantly, we have to believe in ourselves!! The way I see it, the lack of encouragement we have the less of a dream it becomes. When we believe in ourselves, we are telling ourselves that,

“I can do this. I can make this dream become a reality.I can help people with my dream.”

When we do not believe in ourselves we are losing the faith that we know that this dream will become a reality. Think about a dream that you have or currently pursuing, how often do you work towards that dream? Are you pushing the process of that dream back? Like holding things off that you know you should be working on? Dreams do not come into our minds for no reason. There is a reason and a purpose. We have to remember that our dream is not for our own pleasure, but to reach out to others in this world. We cannot give up on our dreams because we do not know who it can help.

Dreams are not easy, the path to making our dreams become a reality will be a bumpy, deep, hard path. The path will have some blessings in it as well and it is worth fighting for. It is worth overcoming those trials because one day our dreams and how we made it into a reality will help others with theirs. So, Do not give give up if you feel like giving up on your dreams. DO NOT!!!

Have a Blessed day!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Do Not Give up on Your Dreams!!!

  1. Billy Lilite March 17, 2019 / 7:29 pm

    Sometimes even tough we know to not give up on our dreams we feel like we are loosing time, we should remember why we have started. Others may not see the things as we see them but we have to go forward. Thank you for encouragemnts. Don’t give up on your dreams, May the Lord put more words into your heart so you can continue to bless others.

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