Time to Heal

Most of us has been in a relationship or are in one right now. Sometimes when a couple breaks he or she does not give themselves time to heal. What do I mean by that? They are jumping from one relationship to the next and that can be unhealthy. Different emotions will build up such as: fear, unhappy, desperate, and deep pain. The question is how will they know when the right person comes along or what does real love feels like? Healing is the important part after breaking up because your heart is fragile like a glass. Give to the wrong person and it will shatter to pieces, but give it to the right person it will be restored. That joy you have never felt or that happiness will come.

Giving yourself time to heal will allow you to figure out what you do want and what you do not want. Also, in that process of healing you can build yourself up, (I will continue saying this because it is important!!) not only that, you will not be afraid to let the right person come in. Time to heal does not happen within a day because he or she has been with you for months or maybe years and for them to not be there anymore will have to just get use to it. Sometimes you jump into the next relationship because that person is a rebound or you are afraid of being alone. Let me tell you this it is okay to be single until and let yourself heal before the right person comes along. Just because you see your friends in a relationship does not mean you have to be in one as well. There is nothing wrong with being single. You have to let your heart heal.

Think about it for a second, what will happen if you allowed yourself to play hopscotch or jump in jump out? What I mean is going in and out of relationships. You will be an emotional wreck and then start to not trust people and say that you are alone. You are not alone, you are not letting people in because you did not eat yourself heal. One way to let your heart heal is forgiveness. Forgive them or apologize. No one should have to tell you so. You can move on but in that process of moving on it is healing. Do not go jumping into a relationship while you are healing and sometimes it is good to try something different. Stop rushing, when the time is right you will be happy.



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