Standing Firm

Standing firm. When you hear these words, do not take it as a joke, but I want you to take it into consideration. When you are standing firm, you are not only standing firm physically but spiritually. When you are standing firm, stand firm in the faith. When you stand firm in the faith, God will always show up at the right time. I will talk about my God for a minute.

These past few days God has been blessing me. I was so worried about something and I ask God, how will I get this fulfilled? A few hours later he provided me with an answer to my prayer. I believe it was the week after that, where he double the blessing.

It was at that moment, where I realized that there is no need to worry because God will always show up at the right time. Of course, I already know this but what I want you all to understand from this is that when you stand firm in the faith your blessing is already the way. Stand firm in the faith by reading your Bible and studying his word day and night. Even though there are times when you do not feel like getting up in the morning to read the Bible, remember God still loves you. I know there are times when I do not want to get up in the morning to read but I know for a fact that if I want to receive my blessings, I will have to get up and read it.

Standing firm is not about showing people that you are but rather being strong, being alert, and loving. When you are standing firm in the faith, you are gaining strength. Standing firm, getting you prepared for when you are going through something. It is getting you ready to receive the blessings that you asked for in prayer. Most importantly, standing firm is helping you to hold onto the faith and do not let it go.

Be blessed!!!!!!