Trusting God

Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”

This verse is my favorite verse. When things in life do not go as the way you planned it out to be, trust God. You will run into delays, and situations will arise to get you off course but understand that you should not go outside of God to fix the issue. When God is still, he is not silent. Just because you cannot hear him yet does not mean he is not there. God is always there. Obey God as you wait.

What is God doing as you wait? There are two things that he is doing,

1) God is doing something bigger than you

2) God is testing you in order to take you deeper

There are times in life where you get tired of waiting and you want whatever it is that you asked for right away but God wants you to be prepared in order for you to receive that blessing. God wants to take you deeper first on the inside that’s why you are running into delays. A great friend of mine has said,

                    “When you pursue God’s dream for your life, you’re going to run into delays. God uses those waiting periods to prepare and test you so that you can face whatever is coming in the next phase of your faith.”

See when you trust God you should not have to worry about what tomorrow holds because God knows exactly what you need. Prepare yourself as you wait, that is the key. Trust God and his timing.

Proverbs 3:5

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

God  wants you to trust in him and wait on him. There’s nothing more overwhelming when God shows up and shows out when the time is right. He makes the impossible becomes possible. When you leave your situation in Gods hands believe that he will take care of the rest.

” Start looking at your situation through your revelation.”

-Sylvester Knight

When you still have God you have not lost everything.


Every Life

Every life has a story. The only way you can understand someone story is by walking in their shoes.

Have you ever met someone that told you what he or she has gone through or is going through? In your mind you’re thinking about your life. Wondering if you would have the strength to live their’s. As you hear their story, you can see the emotions on their face and feel as if you are experiencing their heartache.

Every life story can impact anyone. Imagine someone or you complaining about everything whether about their job, family, school, and etc….. and you met someone who has no job, no family, basically nothing that you have. You hear their life story and now you start to think about your life but the thing is God let you met people for a reason. Sometimes you may think that you don’t belong in someone’s but the truth is you don’t really know.

You don’t really know what impact that you have on that person life without even stepping up to plate. You don’t know what you’re capable of doing until you actually do it. People come and go but for a reason. Every life story is not the same, of course there will be some people that you meet that went through the same struggles as you but it’s  your story. There will be a day when you understand why that person is there. You may not understand why but eventually you will know.


A Kingdom Woman

Being a kingdom woman is not something that you are born with, it is something that you embrace and build up as you grow. A kingdom woman knows her values and her purpose. As I am reading A Kingdom Woman by Dr. Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst (there is A Kingdom Man book too guys so don’t feel left out), this book is helping me become the woman God has created or designed for me to be.

There are things in life that makes us (woman) who we are but a kingdom woman is committed to the life God has given her. She has hope, she’s a woman of excellence not a perfectionist though but doing the best that she can. Even though I am not married or anything like that but I am learning how to be a kingdom woman because I do not want my future husband to have a wife who doesn’t know what she’s doing. I have to prepare myself to be ready for what is to come.

A kingdom woman does not quit, she is strong and committed to the path that God has planned for her.

   Dr. Tony Evans stated, ” A kingdom woman may be defined as a woman who positions herself under and operates according to the rule of God over every area of her life.”

She does not live by what the world tells her but what God has planned for her. A woman leaves her discouragement behind by walking in the way of a kingdom woman that transform her into a kingdom woman. A kingdom woman allows God to take control of her life. So I encourage you all (any woman that are reading this) whether you are married, single, engaged, or a young adult to walk in the way of a kingdom woman and discover the possibilities in your life.

In The Eye of the Storm

Hey everyone I know you all are traveling and getting prepared for this storm but I wanted to give you all encouragement. Do not be afraid for God is with you. In the midst of the storm, we need to understand that God is still in control. No matter what happens there is hope in God. Have faith in God… if God is on the throne of your life then why are you panicking for? God is watching over us.

There is no reason for you to be fighting people and just go crazy. Trust and believe. That’s is all you need and of course everything else that you need for this hurricane. You are losing your mind while everyone else is calm. Some people saying it’s nothing that we not going to get hit but God knows and he sees.

Don’t be afraid.. if we all came together as a nation under God and pray for those who are experiencing the worse right now as of this moment and pray for those who have not yet experience the hurricane. It’s not right that we are just chilling while others are getting their homes destroyed when we could of been praying for those who are losing loved ones.

In the eye of the storm be still and know that he is God, who can make all things better. He can take away this storm but he knows why this is happening. We need to keep our faith firm through it all. No matter where you are as of this moment keep praying. I know some of us may lose something but have faith. Never stop praying.

Don’t Be Defined by this World

Should the world define who you are? Why would you let the world define you?

A lot of times people tend to let the world choose what they should do or how should they live their life. You should not let the world define who you are if you don’t know who you are. Why run to the world if you can’t decide how to live? The world doesn’t control your life. Your identity is not found in this world but your identity is found in God.

God knows you better than you know yourself. For he is the creator of this universe. I know some of you may disagree with me on this but take a moment to think about it first.   Let me ask you this…. should the world tell you how to be you? In my opinion, if you let the world define who you are then you won’t know who you are in Christ. The world doesn’t know your identity. If you let the world define who you are then how would you know your identity in Christ?

The world cannot tell you who you are if you don’t even who you are. Sometimes people let the world define who they are because they want to feel like their somebody. They want to feel like that they have a purpose in life. They want the world to make them feel like they are wanted but did you know if you let the world define who you are that it can be taken advantage of? You are who God says you are can no one tell you anything else besides what God says.

Your identity is not found in this world it is found in God and God alone. Don’t let this world make you think less of yourself nor highly of yourself. Just know that you do have a purpose in life, you are wanted by God, you are somebody, and most importantly ask God who you are in Christ. YOU are a child of God, YOU will be successful, YOU will make through the storm!!! DON’T be define by this world; let GOD define who you are.

The Grace of God

What does Gods grace mean to you?

Gods grace is deeper than the sea. His grace is bigger than all of the oceans, rivers, and sea put together. No one can compare their grace to Gods grace because Gods grace is far more than just blessings. God shows us favor, kindness, love and mercy.

  Grace is greater than sin. You can sin your whole entire life but just remember that grace wins every time. Gods grace reaches far beyond the highest star, goes deeper than the deep blue sea. When you feel like there is no hope left, or you feel like a complete failure Gods grace will restore that hope that was lost.

Whether you are in a situation where you want to throw in the towel or just give up, in the midst of all the chaos Gods grace will help you get through what your dealing with. God shows us favor, kindness, mercy, love, and blessings. I mean Gods grace shows us more than what I just listed but that is how big Gods grace is.

Gods grace is speechless. Think about all the things that you have been through, think about how you got through them, and who brought you out of it. Now do not tell that God did not show you favor or mercy. Gods grace is amazing. Gods grace is love. You see the grace of God everyday, you experience his amazing grace by living to see another, breathing, getting that job or the promotion you always wanted.

God shows his grace even though we still sin every day of our lives. Especially when we do not want to listen to him, he shows his grace upon us. Gods grace is enough. That is all we need. GRACE WINS EVERY TIME!!!!!

He Turned it

Life seems to brings us down in any way that it can. There are times in our lives when we feel like  giving up because we get so frustrated about the problems that we face. We forget that God is a way maker, miracle worker, and our light of the darkness. The hope is to trust God before, during, and after the war.

A friend of mine said something while she was giving her speech on Sunday.

“God can turn a mess into a message.”

Whatever situation that you are going through as of now and yet to come God can it turn it around for you. You may think that you have fought with all your strength and done everything that you can but your strength is found in God alone. The devil may think that he has you but just wait until God steps in. He turned it. God always come through, he may not come right when you need him but he will because God will never forsaken you. Mezerikod Bondye pa janm fini, konpasyon li pa janm fini. Gods mercy will never end, his compassion will never end.

God love for us is unconditional. There is no other love in this world that can beat his love. All it takes is faith in God. Faith can move mountains, faith is not by sight but it’s believing that God will take care of that situation. I always tell my friends to pray that is all you can do. That is the only way that you can fight the good fight. If the situation gets too tough for to stand kneel, the battle can be fought on your knees.

There will be no more worrying, no more pain, sorrow, if you just turn it over to God. When God turns your situation around he is not just turning that but your mourning and sorrows. He will then start blessing you and providing for you.

“Every situation can lead to a revelation.”




Race has many definitions but the race I am talking about has nothing to do with being a competition. No. The race I am referring to has to do the color of skin. A close friend of mine experienced something about a couple of weeks ago. When he told me what happened to him. I felt how he felt by imaging that I was in his shoes. I am not surprised that racism still exist but shocked that it happened.

I want you to imagine this scenario that my close friend experienced recently: You get to school and you passed by this girl twice, before and after class.  You do not who she is, you have never met her. As you are walking to your car the girl says, “Do not talk to me because you  are black.” Imagine being in his shoes. How would you have felt. Now, when he told me this, in my mind I am thinking that she probably has friends who are of the same race as him but what do I know?

The question is why should the color of someone skin have to do with social interaction? I do not understand why people in this world see someone as the color of their skin. I mean  why define someone as dangerous or you cannot talk to them based off of their skin color. After all no one is better than the other. Just as the Bible says in Romans 3:10, ” As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one.” 

Race should not stop of us from getting to know someone who is not of the same race nor should it stop us from interacting with others. If we want to see change, be the change. Whether it’s at school or any place on the planet make it happen. Stop letting what we see on the outside, keep us from seeing who people are truly. I know there are not good people out there but everyone is not the same.

Do not let your race derive you from being socially active towards  others. As I said before, YOU are NOT better than others. If you want to see change, be the change.

The Past is the Past

The past comes up at random times in our lives. We cannot allow the past to influence our future, what happens in the past should stay in the past. If we allow our past to interfere with our present, our present would be a total chaos.

Think about what you have been through in the past. The relationships you were in, the friends that you had, the people that influenced you or pressured you to do something. Now think what would happen if all of that pops up again, randomly, in your life. How would you be able to cope with it? Can you?

We cannot let what happened yesterday derive us from living out tomorrow. We often try to bring back the past, if you decided to close that door of yesterday then why  try to bring it back through a closed door. That is like trying to travel back in time or the clock going counter clockwise. You cannot reverse the time to relive a certain time in the past or bring forth whatever it is.

The past is the past, God removed you from yesterday so you can walk into tomorrow. Be glad that you left everything that did not belong in your life in the past. Of course the past will still be all around you watching you but it is your job to make sure that the past stays in the past.

Stop Knocking

Doors open and close, but what happens when God steps in and shuts that door in your life? Do you continue to knock? Do you try to open it up again? NO!! You do not keep knocking on that door. Once God shuts that door no one can open it up. Not even you but when God opens up a door no one shut it.

  Revelation 3:8 says, “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know you have little strength, yet you have kept my word but have not denied my name.” 

When God shuts a door, he opens another one.You see when God shuts that door he shuts it for a reason. There’s  no reason why you should be knocking on that door to be open up again. God works in ways that you would not understand. He works in a way that makes you just speechless, a way that makes you take a step back and say,

” Wow, look at God!!!”

There is no reason why you should be knocking. No matter how many times you knock, God will not open it up again just because you left this or that. He removed whatever it is for a reason. God does not care if you are a leader, a praise dancer, choir member, etc…. he will shut that door and open another because HE IS GOD!!!!

You and I cannot tell God what to do. You are not on the throne of your life and I am not on the throne of my life. God does not work at Subway so you cannot have it your way.  The only way is His way. So, stopping knocking on doors that God has already closed!! All things are working for your good cause he’s intentional!!!