Reaching Out to the Hopeless

As the days go by time is running out. As a believer in Christ it is our responsibility to reach out to those who doesn’t know Christ. We cannot hold the knowledge that we learn from the Bible to ourselves. The question is what is holding you back from doing God’s will? Which is reaching out to the hopeless. God placed us on this earth to do his will after all we are just passing through.

Ask yourself this question: how can you impress God? Surely not by joining every single ministry in church nor attending church every Sunday and Bible study. These things does not impress God but taking what you have been taught and leading others to Christ does. Soon this earth will be no more and calling on his name does not mean anything.

Matthew 7:24 says, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

Basically, God’s word is our foundation, as believers, we need to evangelize to the unbelievers. Reaching out to the hopeless will impress God. I am a praise dancer and I know being part of this ministry will not let me hear the words “well done” from God himself. It’s teaching others about Christ and not letting them go astray like lost sheep in the pastures. We cannot save ourselves, it’s time that we step out of our comfort zones and step out on faith to help others. Earth will pass away and we have to do our part. Christ already did his and that’s saving us by dying for us. So, with that being said do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to do God’s will. Eventually, God will take you out of your comfort zone. Be blessed everyone.

Dear God,

I lift up to you those who are afraid to step out of their comfort zones to reach out to the hopeless. Lord I ask that you remove the spirit of fear that is within them so that they can go out and make disciples. Give them a humble a spirit to go out of their comfort zones.

In Jesus name I Pray


Come Alive

When you think of the words, ‘come alive,’ what do you think of? A valley of dry bones? Someone coming back from the dead? Or maybe someone trying to come back from an emotional, physical, mental pain.

Let’s go back to Ezekiel 37:1-14, where the Prophet Ezekiel prophesied to the valley of dry bones. He had a vision of a valley filled with dry bones and God told him to prophesy to the bones. As he did what God commanded him to do the bones began to shake. Imagine that. You having a vision and you see dry bones everywhere. Just imagine being in Ezekiel shoes and what he must have felt when that happened.

The dry bones were the people of Israel, God spoke life into them and brought them back to their land. this chapter is God’s future restoration of Israel. Take this event and I would say compare it to a situation where you were broken down or dry bones. Then someone prophesies to you, telling you that what God said will happen. In order for that to happen, you have to come alive. Just like it was God’s future to restore Israel, It’s his future to restore your life again.

God spoke life back into the dry bones so why can’t you let him do the same in your life? Every day you try to fight and live through it all but you cannot handle all of it. Ezekiel would not know what to say if he did not have God on his side. The dry bones did not come alive again on their own, no, by God’s command through the Prophet Ezekiel they came alive. I know that some of you may be going through things but don’t you think it’s time for you to come alive again. Finish what God has planned for you even when you starting to become dry bones.

It’s amazing to read about God’s miraculous wonders and to experience them in our lives. God wants the dead hearts to come alive again, he does not want to see what he has created gone to waste. God cares enough for us to not give up on living, to not be like the dry bones in the valley. I pray that each and every one of you come alive again. As in the words of Lauren Daigle,

”As we call out to dry bones come alive, come alive

We call out to dead hearts come alive, come alive

Out of the ashes, we see an army rise

We call out to dry bones come alive.”

Live life again no matter what. Do not be just bones, let God speak life into you again. Be blessed everyone!!!!!!


A family is a beautiful thing to have. Especially when you have twelve siblings. Yes twelve siblings. (Not including me.) Being part of a big family is the greatest gift that God has given me.

Every family has issues but at the same time we need to be there for one another, even if they feel like they do not need each other. God placed each and every person within that family for a reason. Stop wishing you or they was part of a different family. Just because you see a happy family does not mean that they are not going through something. They probably going a difficult time than your own family problem.

No family is perfect. You see for me and my siblings whenever one of us going through something they are always there to help. Yes we laugh and have fun with each other, and enjoy each other company but when one of us does something that makes everyone else shake their head. We get disappointed but then help each other understand the decision that we made.

You make think that you do not need your family because you have your friends well friends can come and go. For me i love my family no matter what i would not trade them or wish them for a different family. Why? That’s the family God placed me in. I know that family can turn their back on you but at the end of the day family is important no matter who started what, or said something or did something. Family is all there is.

Personally, I believe that family knows best. When you have older siblings, they understand because they were once your age. A family should not turn their backs on another family member but sometimes it might be the best thing to do for that member to realize the decision that they have made. It’s best that as a family to pray for every member of the family and each area of their life.

Be a family. Be there for each other. There are people out there who does not even have a family. A family supports, love, trust, respect each other. The house does not make up a family, it’s the people that’s inside of it. Just like the church the building does not make up a church it’s the people that’s inside of it. A family is the best thing, cherish your family and I will cherish mines and my future family. Understand this, you (whoever is reading this) do not know whenever the last time you will see your family. Forgive each other. Stop letting situations tear your family apart. Stop saying you do not have a family. Stop with all of it. Be a family!!!!

Cherish the Moments

I know I haven’t been writing as often I should, my apologies.

Do you ever have those little moments with family, friends, or loved ones? Like something that just melted your heart, the unexpected. Moments that leaves you speechless, all you can say “wow” moments. Those moments should be cherished. Including the big moments.

It’s important that you cherish those moments because you never know what will happen the next hour, second, day, week, month or year. Cherishing those littlest moments that you have, will help you smile through the bad times because your remembering all the happy moments. Smile through the worst. Don’t let those bad times break you down like a million pieces. If that’s the case, then get back up again, the biggest problem is when you let the tough times take over. Take over your emotions, thoughts, happiness, and take over your today. Cherish the moments and live for today. Be blessed everyone!!!!!


Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Depression happens whenever a loved one is gone completely. Sometimes it can be frustration, anger, stress, and any negative emotional feeling. Even though there are many types of depression it’s still depression. I know that some of you reading this are dealing with it. This has been on my heart to talk about it.

This really gets to me to know that there are friends, family, and people around who are secretly going through this. I wrote because this was requested by a good friend of mine as well as for those who needs it or may know someone who does. Depression is not easy to cope with. It takes weeks or years to deal by seeing a therapist but my joy is in Jesus.

Sometimes people turn to alcohol or smoking or whatever to get them feeling high like on a better level. I tell you this even though drug use may get you felling high, the one who is high above is higher than depression. I must admit there were times when i felt depress but just because I felt like I didn’t feel important to anyone but I truly know in my heart that I am important to God.

Coping with depression, I suggest to seek God. Joy is found in him alone because he will always be there when you feel alone. On another note talking to someone can help with dealing with depression. I find just talking to God is the most amazing thing because even though you cannot see him, he’s there listening to your every word. Talking to someone can help relieve depression. Before I go, here’s a prayer for anyone dealing with it:

Dear God,

I lift up to you everyone that’s dealing with depression. God, I know that there are times when they are feeling hopeless and alone. God I asked that you let them know you are there and hope is found in you and you alone. God you have not given us a spirit of depression but the fruits of the spirit as it says in Galatians 5:22, ” But the fruits of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, faithfulness…”  Lord be with those who are depress. Hear their cry out to you.

In Jesus name I pray,


Encourage Yourself

“Encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.”

-2 Thessalonians 2:17


Sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Why? The enemy will create walls to stop you from winning the victory. One thing you need to know is that God will be present, life may try to destroy you until you feel as if you cannot go on any longer. In order to make the giants fall, you have to encourage yourself.

Speak victory during the test. No matter how you feel don’t get discourage from the pressure all around. I still remember my senior year of high school and some of you may know about it already. The time where I needed the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test also known as Fcat, in order to graduate.

Honestly, sometimes I did not encourage myself that i can make it because whenever i took this test or the SAT or ACT, I would just get so frustrated and then I would find myself saying, “I’m never going to pass” or “I won’t be able to walk across the stage.”

I would let the myself down but deep down in my heart i know i could do it. I just needed to encourage myself and let myself know that I can and I will. I needed to speak victory, I needed to believe because I have a someone who tells me that,

“All things are working together for my good…” 

-Romans 8:28

Everything is working for your own good as well. Encourage yourself in the Lord, don’t let the giants stomp you into pieces. It’s time to face the giants in the battle of your mind and in your heart. There’s no greater feeling when you have the victory. As long as you keep pushing yourself, and encourage yourself to strive for greatness. No giants can put up walls to stop you.

Be bless everyone!!!!

Dealing with Temptation

Temptation comes in a lot of ways. Whether it’s a diet, within a relationship, or something. We deal with temptation at different times and in different ways. There’s not one person on earth, who does not deal with temptation. Even Jesus dealt with temptation.

In Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus was tested in the wilderness by the devil. He was in the wilderness for forty days and nights without any food. Three times the devil tried to tempt Jesus by; telling him to turn the stones into bread, telling to throw himself down, and trying to give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. Three time he tried and failed but when it comes to us all it takes is one try. Why?

Our spirit becomes weak. We start hearing that voice in our ear telling us to just give in, it won’t hurt, no one is watching, just one step… well you get the picture. Well sorry to break you, that one step can turn into even more steps and that voice is not God tempting you.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Matthew 26:41

If you noticed in Mark 14:38, it also says the same thing as the verse above. We need to flee from temptation. Focus on the Word of God. Temptation can lead us into to sin. Fleeing is not easy because if we did it once then it is more likely to happen again but if stick to the Word of God it will flee. I’ll leave you with this;

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, he will flee from you.” James 4:7


Seasons change from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall but, these are not the seasons that I am talking about. The seasons that I am talking about are the ones that we go through in life such seasons of happiness, sadness, blessings, and etcetera… Each of us go through these kind of seasons some point in our lives.

Everyone is experiencing one of these seasons right now but yet again the season of your pain and sadness is someone else’s season of blessings. Ecclesiastics 3, talks about the different seasons. There is a time for everything. Some of us may not know what season we are in because we are going through different situations that is sometimes up and sometimes down. In midst of it all we need to remember that we are going through that season of sadness, betrayal, hardship, and happiness for a reason.

In our seasons we need to reach out to God, not just in the season of sadness but in the season of blessings as well. To be honest with you I do not really know what season I am going through as of this moment. Sometimes I feel as if I am going through every season. Happiness, sadness, disappointment, joy, and regret.

Going through those kind of seasons is for our own good because in one of the seasons we will encounter Jesus. We will encounter him in a way we do not expect to encounter him. Some of us already have but be ready in and out of season. We are not alone in our seasons. We have a way maker.

2 Timothy 4:2, ” Preach the word; be prepared in and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage- with great patience and careful instruction.”

Why I Blog?

I started this blog in 2015. This is my passion not to judge people by the things I say but to encourage them. To be honest it is hard for me to think of what I should say. Everything that I put on this website comes from my heart. I believe that God wanted me to start this and so I did without hesitation, I know that it is not where I want to be as of right now but I have faith that it will get where I want it to be.

The purpose of this blog is to give hope to the hopeless, not only that as well as giving people something to look to and not be discourage when they cannot find the help or the inspiration they need. This is my passion and praise dance as well. When I started this blog I was not sure on how it will turn out to be, I was not sure what I should write about. Honestly, I can that I am glad that my blog is blessing people and I know that it will touch the lives of people that are going through a struggle in their lives.

I know this post is not like my other posts but I just wanted to do something different. I encourage whoever reads this  to tell others about this blog because there may be someone out there struggling and looking for words  of hope and wisdom. I strive to make an impact in the lives of people.

Have a blessed day everyone. Stay encouraged!!!

Faith Conquers All

The most important to have in life is faith. What is faith? There is two definitions of faith; complete trust or confidence in something or someone, and strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion.

  In Hebrews 11; 1-3, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what was unseen was not made out of what was visible.”

As I was listening to Dr. Tony Evans podcast, Heroes of Faith series, he goes in depth explaining what faith is. In the words of Dr. Tony Evans,

“Faith is simply acting like it is so, even when it is not so, in order it might be so because God said so.” 

Let’s go back to the beginning, Genesis. When God was creating the universe he did not take clay, or a piece of glob whatever you want to call it and create the universe from it. All he did was command it. Now you cannot tell me is not awesome. Speaking it into existence and then whoop there it is. Why rely on luck when there is faith.

Take a look at the weather person. A lot of us rely on that person to tell us if the weather outside will be sunny or horrible. Whenever the weather man says there is a thirty percent chance of rain we do not know if we should take an umbrella or not. That is what we do to God. We go bobbing for apples. If you can believe a man who is sometimes up sometimes down, what about God who is always right! Faith is the key to experience God. Anyone can have faith, in Hebrews 11 God uses ordinary people to tell about faith. He used a prostitute, a murderer, a liar, and etc…

Faith conquers all, ten years ago my sister dreamed of having her own salon. She worked hard for it and now she has it. There were times when her faith would go down but no matter what her faith conquered all. She experienced God. Even though she could not she her salon yet (ten years ago) but she knew that she will have own salon someday. Faith is confidence of things you do not see. Faith will not manifest itself until there is movement. Like my sister said, “Pray, plan, and push.”

Faith can reach the unreachable.

  “God wants you to trust his integrity so, you can say catch me in this this situation, catch me in this circumstance because I have learn to trust his integrity.”

– Dr. Tony Evans