Detours are designed by God to get us on the right path. No matter how many detours we go through in life, God has a big destination but first we need to take a long road trip. 

                Dr. Tony Evans says, “God is constructing us for something to he’s constructing something for us.”

     Before we can make it to our destination we must first a long road trip. Detours happen because God knew and saw what that road will be like so he uses detours to make us re- evaluate our lives. God is making us suffer for something he has better for us. Our destination as planned by God, detours are unpredictable and we don’t know where it will take us. As my sister Judy said this morning in service, 2017 is the year of grace all we need to do is trust and obey

                 1) Trust that God will take us to our destination. 

                         2) Obey every command of God. 

    You will not be alone on your road trip God will be there with you but sometimes God will keep you on that detour because you are not prepared to receive what God has in store for you. Just like God was there for Joseph and Daniel; he will be there for you be prepared when God takes you out of your detour. 

    When you miss a turn while driving on the road what do you do? You make a U-turn. Imagine that’s your path well God  notice that you are going the wrong way or maybe he see something you cannot see. Have you ever notice when the construction team put that big orange detour sign out front? Imagine that being a barricade in your life…… and  God’s angels is telling you to go this way or that way.

     You cannot go through that barricade because that road contains something that will try to destroy you. Detours are there for a reason God wants us to realize that no matter how many times he takes us on a detour he wants us to be ready for a big destination. You may think that you’re ready for your destination but God knows that you’re not. 

  Until you prepare for the rain or plant seed you’re not to move until God tells you to move. 



Sent from above 

The story of an amazing love

The star showed the way 

Born upon this Christmas Day

Suffered and saved

Rose up from the grave 

The Savior of humanity 

Living for eternity 

The King of the world 

Beaten and hurled

Coming back as a King

As the choir sing

  “Rejoice!! Rejoice!!”

Forever reign

As blood shed from His veins

Noël Noël
Happy Holidays!!


Royalty means people of a royal blood. It’s true that you are royalty. Like Bizzle says in his new album Crowns and Crosses, “You’re an offspring of a King.” 

You don’t need attention God already notices you so why dress in a way that is inappropriate? Why dress a certain way you know guys will call you names? You are a daughter of the Most High. I remember doing a devotion called Priceless: Respect and Honor by For King and Country there is a quote that caught might eye:

                “For a woman to be treated as a princess of the High King, she must see herself as one with her appearance, behavior, and demand of any guy who would pursue her.”

You must accept the way God created you. You are who God says you are. Protect your heart(same thing goes for guys as well). You are worth the wait. Love can neither be bought nor sold. If someone can’t do that then let them keep stepping. What’s your worth? You are priceless. You dont have a price tag on you so why look like an antique? 

   If you say you a child of God then show it. If you are the daughter of the Most High then be it. You don’t have to be approve by a guy because God already has approved of you including your future husband even though you haven’t met him yet but he will accept you for who you are. Just like Jacob waited fourteen years for Rachel. Fourteen years!!!! Who else would wait that long? 

Instead of settling for low lifes settle for God. 
      “Are you looking for love or are you looking for approval? What’s your worth? Love can neither be bought or sold. Know that your worth the work, know that you’re worth the wait. If he can’t step up then let him keep stepping. Don’t sell your self worth because whatever a man buys, he owns. Protect your heart. You’re royalty!!”

                                                     -Tony Gaskins

A Change of Hope

 To Haiti we see your pain.

      There will come a day where we take a stand as one. United together, making a change for each day that we see. Change starts with us. God is relying on us to do something. If not now then when? If not us then who? Each of us has a purpose in life to be the change, a change where we can make Haiti better. It’s time for us to stop feeling comfortable in our houses, homes, cars, and get out of our comfort zone and help make a change of hope. 

   No one can stop us from making a change in the world. We see how the earthquake left Haiti just horrifying. What about us? We see those images on the internet, we lost loved ones, homes destroyed, children left abandoned without parents. What can we do to stop all this madness? Nothing. We cannot stop all these storms but we can make a change. It starts with you. It starts with me. 

  A change of hope, it’s not that hard to do. We get mad when the media says something inappropriate about Haiti but what are we doing to make a change. We all are not rich, but what about the spare change that is just laying around in the bottom of purses, or in our cars. Money is money whether it’s a penny or a dime. It still can be useful in people lives. 

  Change doesn’t start with God. We are waiting on Him to do something but really it’s him waiting on us to do something. God already did something…. He created you!!! He’s waiting for us to stand up to say “I’m going to do something!!”  

 Be the something that God wants you to be. Be the hope. Be The Who. Be the change. 

Power of Prayer

         Prayer is essential to life, a heartfelt conversation between you and God. Whenever we need something or feel weak inside turn it over to God through prayer. Our prayers can break chains, bring a family together, heal the sick ,and etc….  prayer shouldn’t be like a long essay.. even our sighs God understands what we need or want. 

           1 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Never stop praying.” 

Our prayers can be heard even when we write them down. They won’t be answered right away but good things comes to those who wait upon the Lord. God works in mysterious ways that we may not understand but it’s amazing how prayer works. Imagine you wanting a job and you apply for a job then you pray spend time with God, like thirty minutes later the same place you applied for calls you in for an interview. I can testify to that!!  

Prayer is what everyone needs, this can bring you closer to God. No matter what situation you are in pray. Pray for strength, hope, courage, love, and knowledge. When you pray be specific with God but don’t go into a lot of details. 
Matthew 6:7 says,” When you pray do not be like babbling pagans, for they think they will be heard for their many words.” 

Prayer is powerful. Prayer provides healing, protection ,love, joy, victory, and deliverance.  God is already working on what you asked for in return he needs patience from you. Prayer is not boring. It shouldn’t be used whenever you need something. You pray throughout your day. Prayer is what we need everyday.  Prayer restores every heart that has been broken. Don’t joke when you pray. Pray for each other, don’t say you going to pray for someone then you don’t. Never stop praying no matter what. 

Who You are Today

Who you are today

     People call each other names. Why?  Who knows.  What we have to realize is that when we tease each other and stuff like that.. We need to understand that the name calling can and will bring people down. Yea I understand you do it for “fun” but have you ever stop and think that this so called “fun” hurt their feelings? (To those who I called names I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.) 

 When people hurt each other they don’t realize that what they say can bring people down.. I know some of you have been hurt terribly but what you need to know is that what people say about you is not who you are. Who you are today;God made you that way for a purpose. Why go destroy a beautiful masterpiece(you) because of what people say? You are who God made you to be!!! Can’t nobody tell less than that. Greater is He who’s living in you than he who is living in the world.

  Keep in mind that you are wonderfully made in Gods eyes. People would always tell me how skinny I am and that would hurt me deeply but then I started to realize that I know I am skinny because God made me this way. So whenever someone says that to me now I simply just say I know. 

 Who you are today is amazing. Amazing because God brought you this far and there’s no stopping Him. God doesn’t stop for anything He doesn’t stop because you think less of yourself. He keeps going because He knows you are stronger than what people tell you. He keeps going because He knows you are better than what people say. He keeps going because He loves you and cares for you when you think no one else does. 

  Who you are today is not because of what people say you are; who you are today is because God says you are. You are a Child of God. You are forgiven. You are wonderfully made. Always loved.

Be Grateful 

Be grateful for what you have in your life.. Not many have what you have. People wish and want what you have. So what if you not rich or don’t have everything you want. Have you ever thought about those who have nothing? Like nothing at all and you complaining about that car of yours or whatever is it… 

     1 Thess. 5:18 says, ” Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Be grateful for everything that God gave you.. If it wasn’t for God you wouldn’t what you have now. He can take all away in a blink of eye but He wants us to learn how to be grateful. Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful because what we want so bad and right a way we cannot have it. 

    God takes time to give what we want or sometimes he does not want to give us what we ask for because he already saw how we will be when we have it. Be grateful for the littlest things you have in life. Most people that don’t have anything but yet they still grateful because they know God will send them blessings.

       We like to complain how nasty the school food is, or how we don’t have the latest fashion.. I must confess I do complain about things too but yet I’m still grateful for what God has given me. So what if the school food is nasty food is food right? So why do we complain about not having food when people are suffering, begging, or giving up something just so they can have food.

You see being grateful is all we need… Even if we don’t have a lot of stuff. Stop complaining about stuff in your life. You never know when God is going to send blessings your way.

Never Takes a Break

Even though it’s summer we all need to remember to spend time with God. God never takes a vacation on us. So why do we do it to him? God is continuously working all together for our good. He never stops blessing us he never stop helping he never stops loving us.

   God is like the energize bunny(battery) he keeps going and going and going. No matter how many times we die out. He fulfills every need and want. God doesn’t take a break on a situation. Why? We are his children. Gods job is to deliver, provide, protect, heal, and love us. His work is different from ours. He doesn’t have a job where he can go on a lunch break. He doesn’t say, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.” No God is hardworking. 

   God is constantly working so that we can have a better life on this earth. As I am writing this right now He is working. God is omnipresent. He sees and knows what’s going on. If God takes a break like we do every year…. Our lives would be a disaster just imagine it…. God just on a vacation while we are struggling. That would not be pretty but you know what God is not like that. He works in ways we cannot see. He is working nonstop for us be cause he cares. 

  Yet while we still turn away from him, he still is working on us to come back home. God is our Father who doesn’t take a break like we do. God is constantly working to make us better. Our lives, this world, and everything in between God is working. No breaks absolutely none.

God still Loves Us

Have you ever thought of all the sins you’ve done in the past and the present? Have you ever thought of how each time we sinned how does it make God feel. The amazing  thing is God loves us anyway. Even though we sin every single day of our lives. Gods love is unconditional love. We are like Judas who betrayed Jesus but we sin.

Recently I did a solo piece to the song You Love Me Anyways by Sidewalk Prophets and while I was dancing I began to cry. I cried because I thought of all the sins I did and how far God brought me.  Many of you know my story. Many of you have the similar story as well. At one point of the dance I wanted to stop dancing and just cry but I didn’t I kept going because God loves me anyway. His love is like nothing else in life that you will know.

No words can explain Gods love  for us. Sometimes we give up on God and say we hate him, we blame Him for every bad situation in our lives. Even though we do and say things guess what…. GOD STILL LOVES US no matter what we do with our lives no matter how we choose to live it. But there’s two thing God wants us to do.

1) accept him

2) do his work

We doubt God but that doesn’t stop the love he has for us. We are like the scars on his body, the nails in his wrist, the thorns in his crown. No love is greater than Gods love his love surpasses all. That’s the highest love that you will ever get. If you want more love look to God. God loves us all that he gave his one and only Son.. (John 3:16). Who in the whole entire world  would give up their only son? To tell you the truth I wouldn’t. No way that would not be on my list. But  God did that for us while we are still sinners.

We don’t have to seek Gods love.. no need for searching like we are some kind of investigator or a FBI. Noooooo. His love is already there for us. We can’t feel it or see it but you know it’s there. How do you know God loves you? Think of the situations that you’ve been in… what happened? God doesn’t let his children  stumble or fall… well sometimes but that’s because he saw what the future has in store for you. Most situations God deliver us from our problems because he loves us… no matter what he loves you, me , and everyone. No matter how many times you sin in a second, minute, hour, day, and etc… HE LOVES US ANYWAY!!!!