The Grace of God

What does Gods grace mean to you?

Gods grace is deeper than the sea. His grace is bigger than all of the oceans, rivers, and sea put together. No one can compare their grace to Gods grace because Gods grace is far more than just blessings. God shows us favor, kindness, love and mercy.

  Grace is greater than sin. You can sin your whole entire life but just remember that grace wins every time. Gods grace reaches far beyond the highest star, goes deeper than the deep blue sea. When you feel like there is no hope left, or you feel like a complete failure Gods grace will restore that hope that was lost.

Whether you are in a situation where you want to throw in the towel or just give up, in the midst of all the chaos Gods grace will help you get through what your dealing with. God shows us favor, kindness, mercy, love, and blessings. I mean Gods grace shows us more than what I just listed but that is how big Gods grace is.

Gods grace is speechless. Think about all the things that you have been through, think about how you got through them, and who brought you out of it. Now do not tell that God did not show you favor or mercy. Gods grace is amazing. Gods grace is love. You see the grace of God everyday, you experience his amazing grace by living to see another, breathing, getting that job or the promotion you always wanted.

God shows his grace even though we still sin every day of our lives. Especially when we do not want to listen to him, he shows his grace upon us. Gods grace is enough. That is all we need. GRACE WINS EVERY TIME!!!!!

He Turned it

Life seems to brings us down in any way that it can. There are times in our lives when we feel like  giving up because we get so frustrated about the problems that we face. We forget that God is a way maker, miracle worker, and our light of the darkness. The hope is to trust God before, during, and after the war.

A friend of mine said something while she was giving her speech on Sunday.

“God can turn a mess into a message.”

Whatever situation that you are going through as of now and yet to come God can it turn it around for you. You may think that you have fought with all your strength and done everything that you can but your strength is found in God alone. The devil may think that he has you but just wait until God steps in. He turned it. God always come through, he may not come right when you need him but he will because God will never forsaken you. Mezerikod Bondye pa janm fini, konpasyon li pa janm fini. Gods mercy will never end, his compassion will never end.

God love for us is unconditional. There is no other love in this world that can beat his love. All it takes is faith in God. Faith can move mountains, faith is not by sight but it’s believing that God will take care of that situation. I always tell my friends to pray that is all you can do. That is the only way that you can fight the good fight. If the situation gets too tough for to stand kneel, the battle can be fought on your knees.

There will be no more worrying, no more pain, sorrow, if you just turn it over to God. When God turns your situation around he is not just turning that but your mourning and sorrows. He will then start blessing you and providing for you.

“Every situation can lead to a revelation.”




Race has many definitions but the race I am talking about has nothing to do with being a competition. No. The race I am referring to has to do the color of skin. A close friend of mine experienced something about a couple of weeks ago. When he told me what happened to him. I felt how he felt by imaging that I was in his shoes. I am not surprised that racism still exist but shocked that it happened.

I want you to imagine this scenario that my close friend experienced recently: You get to school and you passed by this girl twice, before and after class.  You do not who she is, you have never met her. As you are walking to your car the girl says, “Do not talk to me because you  are black.” Imagine being in his shoes. How would you have felt. Now, when he told me this, in my mind I am thinking that she probably has friends who are of the same race as him but what do I know?

The question is why should the color of someone skin have to do with social interaction? I do not understand why people in this world see someone as the color of their skin. I mean  why define someone as dangerous or you cannot talk to them based off of their skin color. After all no one is better than the other. Just as the Bible says in Romans 3:10, ” As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one.” 

Race should not stop of us from getting to know someone who is not of the same race nor should it stop us from interacting with others. If we want to see change, be the change. Whether it’s at school or any place on the planet make it happen. Stop letting what we see on the outside, keep us from seeing who people are truly. I know there are not good people out there but everyone is not the same.

Do not let your race derive you from being socially active towards  others. As I said before, YOU are NOT better than others. If you want to see change, be the change.

The Past is the Past

The past comes up at random times in our lives. We cannot allow the past to influence our future, what happens in the past should stay in the past. If we allow our past to interfere with our present, our present would be a total chaos.

Think about what you have been through in the past. The relationships you were in, the friends that you had, the people that influenced you or pressured you to do something. Now think what would happen if all of that pops up again, randomly, in your life. How would you be able to cope with it? Can you?

We cannot let what happened yesterday derive us from living out tomorrow. We often try to bring back the past, if you decided to close that door of yesterday then why  try to bring it back through a closed door. That is like trying to travel back in time or the clock going counter clockwise. You cannot reverse the time to relive a certain time in the past or bring forth whatever it is.

The past is the past, God removed you from yesterday so you can walk into tomorrow. Be glad that you left everything that did not belong in your life in the past. Of course the past will still be all around you watching you but it is your job to make sure that the past stays in the past.

Stop Knocking

Doors open and close, but what happens when God steps in and shuts that door in your life? Do you continue to knock? Do you try to open it up again? NO!! You do not keep knocking on that door. Once God shuts that door no one can open it up. Not even you but when God opens up a door no one shut it.

  Revelation 3:8 says, “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know you have little strength, yet you have kept my word but have not denied my name.” 

When God shuts a door, he opens another one.You see when God shuts that door he shuts it for a reason. There’s  no reason why you should be knocking on that door to be open up again. God works in ways that you would not understand. He works in a way that makes you just speechless, a way that makes you take a step back and say,

” Wow, look at God!!!”

There is no reason why you should be knocking. No matter how many times you knock, God will not open it up again just because you left this or that. He removed whatever it is for a reason. God does not care if you are a leader, a praise dancer, choir member, etc…. he will shut that door and open another because HE IS GOD!!!!

You and I cannot tell God what to do. You are not on the throne of your life and I am not on the throne of my life. God does not work at Subway so you cannot have it your way.  The only way is His way. So, stopping knocking on doors that God has already closed!! All things are working for your good cause he’s intentional!!!

Your Own Pace

A lot of us are rushing to get our lives together why?  Maybe, we are being rushed by our family and friends. Maybe we feel like we are being left behind or simply because we see everyone around us are getting things done before us but who cares?

You should not have to rush just to get something. Just because your friends are getting married, having babies, finishing school, and becoming CEO of their jobs does not mean you have to rush. When the time is right God will bless you with what you need. You should not have to rush just because people are telling you to get it done. Your season will come just enjoy where you are now.

Life should not be impressing your friends just by rushing to get your life together. Continue to work at your own pace, God will take care of the rest. Some people work faster than others, so why feel like your missing out on life? People should not rush you instead they should pray for you. Do be jealous of what others have but be thankful for you do have as of right now. Be grateful for where you are. Your time will come.

Losing Focus

We all struggle with something in our lives but most of us are struggling with relying on God and putting our faith in him. Why? We get so caught up in the world that we forget about God. You feel that tug on your heart telling us to go spend time with him but we push him back like he is one of our assignments in school or work.

Some of place God on a bookshelf but it’s time that we take him down from it. God wants us to regain that relationship that was once there but no longer is. He wants us to rely on him but how we can if there is no communication. God just wants us to have in him so he can provide you with whatever it is that you need.

I struggled with having faith in God but he waited on me and did not give up on me. Constantly, I would think to myself why is it taking so long? When will I get it? Then, I realized God is patient so he wanted me to be humble and trust in his timing. I lost my faith in God because i was too busy relying on others. I got caught up in what other people were doing when God was waiting me to rely on him again.

No matter how many time we lose our focus on God, he will always be there waiting for us to rely on on him. In order to restore that relationship with God it starts with you. Not your mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, husband, or whoever it is. It does not start with them it starts with you. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Take God off the bookshelf, regain that relationship, he is waiting on you.

Patiently Waiting

What is your purpose of dating? What is your reason to be in a relationship? Are you for love or approval? Some of you get into relationships because you see your friends are getting into a relationship. Others simply just want to feel loved by someone, but how do you know if they are actually happy? Do you know what goes on behind close doors? You probably do not know some of you may know. Ask yourself this, are you willing to commit to a guy or a girl? Are you ready to commit?

I know these are a lot of questions but it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. If marriage is not the goal then why are you dating? I know I am not a dating expert nor a well… whatever you want to call it but i tell you this… when you allow God to take control of your love life he will bless you with the one who will truly love you just the way you are. You spend your time dating and getting your heart broken instead of waiting on God to reveal the one that he has created for you.

You see all these famous stars getting divorce and dating each other but just imagine if they had waited on God, there would not be all these crazy situations going on. God wants you to wait patiently, be humble, and do not rush him. When the time is right, he will send you the one that you have been waiting for. God is so amazing!!! Just think, you are walking somewhere or doing something then God says, there is your future wife or husband, but of course God will reveal to the guy first so he can pursue you.

I am learning to wait on God. God knows what my heart truly desires for and he knows what guy will win my heart. All i need to do is pray, be humble, and trust Gods plan for my life.

You do not know everything, tell yourself that. Waiting takes time, you not going to know right away until God shows you. I always heard that the one that God has planned for you would be the one that you unexpected to be. I know that many of you have a childhood friend that you known for your whole life and you had a crush on each other since then but how do you know you are meant to be? Just because they know everything about do not mean a thing. You could know someone your whole life and have you played like a piano versus someone who you known for less than half your age and get treated they way you should be.

We all need to be like Jacob who waited for fourteen years for Rachel or like Boaz. We get so eager to be in a relationship that we end up getting our hearts broken. Then, we start to complain how men and women are worthless, and do not know how to treat each other right. Well if you waited on God you would not have to complain.

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and shall receive favor from the Lord.”

So will you patiently wait on your Boaz and be like Jacob and Rachel? or do you want to end up will with another broken heart?

Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is a surgery that removes a diseased heart with a healthy one. Think about the definition for a moment…. God is your doctor, the surgeon, and etc. God wants to gives us a heart transplant for our own good (not a physical heart transplant but a spiritually).

God wants us to give us a heart that will long for him, we sin everyday and everyday we are filled with flaws. We are not perfect and God knows that but He wants to turn our hearts from ugly to beautiful. God looks at us like we our flowers in a garden surrounded by weeds.( The weeds represents sin in this world)

Our disease is temptation, sin, and anything that is of this world. We fill our hearts with so much diseases that God presses restart. He wants that disease heart so that He can turn our hearts into something beautiful but we need to pray and surrender to God. Only He can give us the loving and tender care that we are looking for.

Gods heart transplant does not require us to be in deep sleep. He is working on us while we go about our day but He wants us to spend time with him the more we pray as we should people will see the new heart that God has given us. The Surgeon (God) wants us to be close to him. He want us to remember that He still loves us. Sometimes we do not know what to say but every sigh, cry, or whatever it is God knows what we need.

So let God change your heart from stone to marsh-mellow. He does not want to press restart anymore. Let God give you a heart transplant He knows what is best for you and for me.

Know Your Worth

Know your worth. Understand that you are more than what people say to you. Just because you are not qualified for him or her does not mean to go throw your life away. If they cannot see that you are worth it then know that your worth it in Gods eyes. People often take advantage of a good woman or a good guy. Why?

Knowing your worth I think that ties into loving yourself and finding out who you are in Christ. We fail to realize what a good women or guy is like. Some people realize but others just find a way to let that good guy or women go then start to regret that. Do not think your life is over because they failed to realize that you are worth it. When a chapter in your life is close do not go back to rewrite that chapter. God closed it for a reason.

Know that you are priceless.. no one should make you feel like you are not worth it. We our valued in eyes of God. You are worth the wait. Know your self worth…. You cannot let people( whomever you are with) tell you that you are  not worth to be with. If they cannot see that you are worth building a future with then let God handle your situation because He knows that you are worth it to someone.

There is a quote by Trent Shelton that I love,

“Don’t let someone who did you wrong make you think there’s something wrong with you. Don’t  devalue yourself because they didn’t value you. Know yourself worth even if they don’t.”

I mean this quote clearly explains for itself. We cannot let someone who did us wrong make us think that we are not good enough. Everyone is not perfect but we are loved by God. Know your self worth. Eventually, someone will value you.