Surrender yourself to God and He will give you life. Surrender to him. He can help you through your struggles. He can take the shackles off. He can break every chain, every burden he can lift off your shoulders so that you may not have to go through that pain again. Surrender yourself to God. You will feel relieved because He is with you. He sees your tears. He can fight your fears.

  Surrender to Him now because He is calling you. He wants to live in your heart. Most of us are afraid to surrender to Him because we are ashamed of what we have done in our lives. God does not care about what you did or what you have become. He just want you and only you. Why resist your creator? That was the past. He already knows what you did. So what? COME AS YOU ARE!! If you’re an ex-con or ex this or ex that, stripper, etc…. Whatever it is that you were and no longer want to go through that again. SURRENDER!!  He knows, he sees and he cares about you. So give yourself away to God by letting him enter your heart. Give him all of you. He doesnt want part time of you but He wants full time. COME AS YOU ARE LAY DOWN YOUR BURDEN LAY DOWN YOUR SHAME ALL THOSE WHO ARE BROKEN LIFT UP YOUR FACE. OH WANDERS COME HOME!!


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