Who You are Today

Who you are today

     People call each other names. Why?  Who knows.  What we have to realize is that when we tease each other and stuff like that.. We need to understand that the name calling can and will bring people down. Yea I understand you do it for “fun” but have you ever stop and think that this so called “fun” hurt their feelings? (To those who I called names I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.) 

 When people hurt each other they don’t realize that what they say can bring people down.. I know some of you have been hurt terribly but what you need to know is that what people say about you is not who you are. Who you are today;God made you that way for a purpose. Why go destroy a beautiful masterpiece(you) because of what people say? You are who God made you to be!!! Can’t nobody tell less than that. Greater is He who’s living in you than he who is living in the world.

  Keep in mind that you are wonderfully made in Gods eyes. People would always tell me how skinny I am and that would hurt me deeply but then I started to realize that I know I am skinny because God made me this way. So whenever someone says that to me now I simply just say I know. 

 Who you are today is amazing. Amazing because God brought you this far and there’s no stopping Him. God doesn’t stop for anything He doesn’t stop because you think less of yourself. He keeps going because He knows you are stronger than what people tell you. He keeps going because He knows you are better than what people say. He keeps going because He loves you and cares for you when you think no one else does. 

  Who you are today is not because of what people say you are; who you are today is because God says you are. You are a Child of God. You are forgiven. You are wonderfully made. Always loved.


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