Race has many definitions but the race I am talking about has nothing to do with being a competition. No. The race I am referring to has to do the color of skin. A close friend of mine experienced something about a couple of weeks ago. When he told me what happened to him. I felt how he felt by imaging that I was in his shoes. I am not surprised that racism still exist but shocked that it happened.

I want you to imagine this scenario that my close friend experienced recently: You get to school and you passed by this girl twice, before and after class.  You do not who she is, you have never met her. As you are walking to your car the girl says, “Do not talk to me because you  are black.” Imagine being in his shoes. How would you have felt. Now, when he told me this, in my mind I am thinking that she probably has friends who are of the same race as him but what do I know?

The question is why should the color of someone skin have to do with social interaction? I do not understand why people in this world see someone as the color of their skin. I mean  why define someone as dangerous or you cannot talk to them based off of their skin color. After all no one is better than the other. Just as the Bible says in Romans 3:10, ” As it is written: There is none righteous, no, not one.” 

Race should not stop of us from getting to know someone who is not of the same race nor should it stop us from interacting with others. If we want to see change, be the change. Whether it’s at school or any place on the planet make it happen. Stop letting what we see on the outside, keep us from seeing who people are truly. I know there are not good people out there but everyone is not the same.

Do not let your race derive you from being socially active towards  others. As I said before, YOU are NOT better than others. If you want to see change, be the change.


One thought on “Race

  1. my852life August 23, 2017 / 7:24 am

    Interesting thoughts. I was also shocked to learn that racism is still alive and not questioned.


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