Career Path

Selecting a career is not at all easy to decide. Throughout the years I struggled with deciding what I wanted to do. Growing up I had the wildest dream of becoming a ninja, literary ( I would fight the bushes.) but I remember, my brother in law asked me, “What do you want to major in?” That moment I did not know for sure. He then told me to find something I enjoy doing and go for that career. Reading, I enjoyed reading. So, that’s when I decided to become a writer. I chose this career not only for the enjoyment of reading but also to give people something to hear and help others.

Once you find what you enjoy doing, do not be afraid to go for it. People may not accept that but you need to realize that you are not doing it for them but you are doing it for yourself. Do what makes you happy.

I started a blog, about seven years ago, to help me get better at writing and so far I gotten a lot of feedback from people around me. Their feedback is helping me become a better writer. Honestly, having people criticized my work is the best thing for me because I am learning and living how to make my writing career more successful. There were times when I felt that my writing was not good enough but then I started letting people read what I wrote and what they thought was different from what I was thinking.

You never know what you can do until you actually go for it. Set goals for yourself and find ways to achieve them. There are a lot of people with talents and skills but fail to try. My advice to you, figure out what you enjoy doing or what skills you have, put that into practice by entering contest, let people see what you do, and build up from that.

I enjoy the fact the people read what I write. It warms my heart. I know it’s not at where I want it to be but it is a work in progress…. When you figure out your career, you will do everything that you can to make your way up to the top. Once you make it you will be able to say, “Started from the bottom, now i’m here.”

Don’t be afraid to use your talents that God gave you. Let your light shine for all the world to see, of course there will be haters but who cares?  You not doing it for them, you doing for yourself. This only shows that they wish (your haters) to be where you are. They see and  witnessing the progress God is making in your life.

Find what you are called to do and strive for greatness!!!


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