Finish the Race

  Imagine you running on a track and after you have given all you got, you decide to just quit right in the middle of the race. Meanwhile ever else is finishing theirs. Why do we start something but do not finish? Maybe you are tired, maybe there is people whispering in your ear saying that you cannot or you won’t. Stop letting them bring negativity into your life. 

   2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 

  If you do not want to run the race then why start it if you know you are not going to finish it. I have to admit there are things that I started but have not finish or stop running but I will finish it because I started. Turn those can’ts into cans. Show then that you can finish the race because you have God. 

  Let us go back to the beginning when God was creating the world. What if he started creating and then just stop right in the middle of it? You and I would not be here but God does not stop. He did not stop creating what he started so, why do you stop? God did not stop on you. He kept going so why can’t you? Ignore what people are saying about you.  

   Negativity is like hurdles (you know those things when you on the track and you have to jump over them)  trying to stop you from finishing the race. Sometimes you get caught by them and fall to ground but you cannot stop there. Get back up again no matter how many times you trip over them. Stay in the race. Speak it into existence. Believe that you will. Walk like you have it. Finish the race!!!,


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