The Greatest Existence

Look around us. Wherever you are reading this, look around you. Look at yourself in the mirror when you wake up or whatever you are doing right now. You exist. Everything around you exists. Why is that? The greatest existence created us and everything.

The greatest existence of all is God. God created life. It is because of his existence that we are all here today. It is because of his existence that he saves you and you came out of that hospital or car accident alive. It is because of his grace and mercy that we exist. Something that I do not understand is how can people think that God does not exist. That is like saying you do not think that air exists. You can hear it when it comes on, but you cannot see it. It is the same thing with God. You can hear him but you cannot see him.

The only way to hear him is if you put in the work to get to know him and understand his word, just as much time you put in to go to the gym.

God existence is what makes us safe. The world we live in is corrupted, but that should not stop us or you from believing the existence of God. This world has nothing to do with the existence of God, but his existence has something to do with this world. We fail to realize that the greatest existence of God is what makes you, you. His existence is why we are living and breathing today and will continue to live. His existence is why we get up every day. We exist because He exists.


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